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YouTube vs Twitch Brings New Features Like 'Gifted Memberships' and 'Live Redirect' for Streamers

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) YouTube vs Twitch Brings New Features Like ‘Gifted Memberships’ and ‘Live Redirect’ for Streamers

YouTube is going head to head with Twitch while introducing new features like its competitor. These features include both “gifted membership” as well as “live redirect” for streamers. These features are already known to Twitch and now, YouTube will be featuring them as well.

YouTube to Roll Out Twitch-like Features

According to the story by PocketNow, YouTube has reportedly announced that the streaming platform will soon roll out some new Twitch-like features. This is in order to tempt people to stay on the said platform.

For those that are unaware, Twitch remains the world’s largest platform when it comes to streaming games. YouTube game streaming, however, is also a really big business for the company itself. A previous Twitch hack revealed a thin chance for users to make millions. The hack showed that only the top 0.01% of streamers are capable of making millions.

YouTube vs Facebook Gaming

YouTube, however, does lack behind Facebook Gaming as well according to a particular report. As of the moment, in a bid to actually keep more users on the platform, the company is currently rolling out features just like “Gifted Memberships” as well as “Live Redirect.”

YouTube notes that it is now “upping” its own gaming through some new additions. The company is currently saying that gaming content has actually been able to generate about 800 billion views translating to a whopping 90 million hours of live-streamed content.

Twitch New Features: Gifted Memberships and Live Redirect

Despite large numbers, Twitch reportedly remains the go to place for a lot of gaming streamers. With the launch of the brand new “Gifted Memberships” as well as “Live Redirect” features, YouTube is currently planning to bring a number of those streamers and viewers directly to the other side.

Gifted Membership will reportedly work pretty much just like the current membership system on YouTube. It was reported by 9to5Google that the new paid-for tier would allow fans to be able to support content creators along with paid-for tiers. 

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Twitch ‘Host’ Abilities for YouTube

This would provide them access to things just like added live chat emoticons as well as special badges when commenting on a particular channel. Live Redirect is currently a feature that would allow creators to be able to seamlessly send their viewers towards some other livestream once their own live stream would end.

This actually sounds very similar to the “host” like abilities that Twitch already had for a few years as of the moment. Neither of the said two features are available as of the moment. YouTube notes that they will now be available soon and users will be able to expect “more updates” coming from the company as well.

With the new features finally being added to YouTube Gaming, would users make a switch from Twitch? The YouTube app design has also seen some updates bringing minor changes to its UI navigation bar.

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