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YouTube TV Adds Three New Channels With No Additional Fees

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YouTube TV is keeping its promise of not raising its service price. The streaming service added a few new channels while keeping the price steady. A few Hallmark channels have been added to YouTube TV.

YouTube TV’s New Channels

The addition was announced earlier this week, and now, Crown Media has brought three new channels to the lineup of the streaming platform. They are the Hallmark Channel, the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and the Hallmark Drama, according to Business Insider.

These three new channels on YouTube TV is added just in time for Hallmark’s Christmas season movies. This includes the “Countdown to Christmas” on the Hallmark Channel and “Miracles of Christmas” on the movies channel.

Wonya Lucas, the CEO, and president of Crown Media, said that their content is rooted in “celebration, joy, human connection, and optimism, and it has never been more in demand, according to 9to5Google.

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He added that they are confident that the addition of the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Drama, and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries adds a lot of value to YouTube TV’s offerings and will be one of the favorites of the subscribers.

Before the week’s announcement, YouTube TV had already offered Hallmark’s on-demand content as a paid add-on, but these new channels are free for the subscribers of the streaming platform.

In October, YouTube TV also struck a deal with NBC to add its channel with no price hike.

No Price Hike

The biggest product change to YouTube TV in August was the release of a 4K Plus add-on. YouTube’s chief product office Neal Mohan talked about YouTube TV and how no price increase is coming soon.

Nilay Patel from The Verge talked to Mohan on the Decoder podcast, and they’ve talked about YouTube TV and how the company plans to monetize the platform.

The YouTube executive was asked about the increasing price of the service and how it is going back up towards the standard cable service price.

Mohan pointed to the economic realities of how content pricing works and the factors that contribute to it. He noted that the subscribers usually request new channel additions in defense of those who bemoan whenever the service expands with content that they are not into.

YouTube TV is known for adding add-ons, which are now directly surfaced on televisions. The service also addressed the issue with Google and pointed out that it is a way to give users the flexibility of what else they are looking for in the package that might be a bit discounted compared to buying the whole thing.

The podcast ended with Mohan saying that there is not another price increase in the near term. The last price happened in 2020, as the service became $64.99. That is an additional $15 from the original price of $49.99 and it did come as a surprise to a lot of user.

When the service first launched, it cost $15, increasing to $40 in 2018. There is no specific time range for the near term, and there is still a possibility that the price will increase in the future, but for 2021 and possibly for 2022, the price will remain the same.

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