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You Can Watch the Resourcefulness Mars Helicopter’s Longest Flight to Date

NASA has actually likewise shared its prepare for the helicopter throughout the Martian winter season.

NASA has actually shared video of the Resourcefulness helicopter’s longest flight on Mars to date.

“The navigation camera aboard the rotorcraft captured its longest and fastest flight to date on the Red Planet,” NASA states. “The helicopter covered 2,310 feet (704 meters) at a max speed of 12 mph (5.5 meters per second)” throughout the course of its record-breaking 25th flight on April 28.

NASA has actually likewise shared(Opens in a brand-new window) more details about its prepare for Resourcefulness throughout the Martian winter season.

“Our latest models suggest that regardless of modifications to our overnight thermostat strategy,” the company states, “it will be extremely challenging or even impossible to keep our electronics core module (ECM) components warm and within their nominal temperatures overnight.”

These obstacles have actually currently developed some issues for NASA. The company states it lost interactions with Resourcefulness from May 3-4 due to the fact that it’s getting too cold on Mars.

“Due to the seasonal decrease in available solar energy, increases in airborne dust density, and the drop in temperatures,” NASA states, “the energy demand to keep the electronics powered and warm throughout the night has surpassed Ingenuity’s available energy budget.”

So the area company is focusing on downlink interactions—implying it’s concentrated on “copying flight performance logs, electronics logs, and high-resolution color images from the last eight flights that are still onboard Ingenuity”—to make certain that information isn’t lost permanently.

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