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Xbox Series X by Gucci Sporting its GG Pattern Sells at a Hefty Price Tag

Xbox Series X by Gucci, which boasts the iconic GG pattern of the well-known luxury brand, is being sold in a limited number of pieces and a hefty price tag.

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The collab gaming console is selling next week both on the Gucci website and some stores of the luxury brand.

The luxurious Guccified gaming console also comes with a massive Xbox-branded suitcase, which could carry both the controllers and the Series X, as per the report by The Verge.

Xbox Series X by Gucci

The Xbox Series X by Gucci flaunts a double G pattern all over its matte black body via a laser-cut design.

(Photo : screenshot from Xbox Gucci website )

Xbox Series X by Gucci, which sports the iconic GG pattern, is being sold at a hefty price tag.

According to the report by IGN, the GG pattern was actually derived from the initials of the Italian fashion designer who went on to build his own luxury brand named after him. However, for the limited edition Xbox console, this could also stand for “Good Game.”

Although the Xbox console controllers did not sport that GG pattern, they still had a Gucci branding, along with the iconic blue and red stripes of the House Web. Meanwhile, the rest of its body is still filled with the color black.

The dual-tone stripes are also found on the massive vintage luggage, which stores both the Xbox Series X and its peripherals. What’s more, the luggage further includes yellow trim in its design.

On top of that, purchasing the Xbox by Gucci also comes with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. However, the duration of the subscription remains to be seen.

Gucci and Gaming

It is actually not the first time that the luxury brand Gucci collaborated with a gaming firm.

In fact, the luxury bags from Gucci showed up virtually in one of the events of Roblox, which is a gaming title that was supposed to be played by kids.

Although Gucci sold its shoulder purse on Roblox to the tune of 475 Robux, which is around $5.50, scalpers have ballooned its price tag to a whopping $4,115.

Not just that, Gucci also had a massive garden event on the said gaming title.

On top of that, some luxury fashion brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga are also teaming up with some popular gaming titles for a collaboration.

Xbox by Gucci: How to Get

The Xbox by Gucci will be available on the website of the luxury brand, as well as some of its stores. It is expected to reach locations like Tokyo, Beijing, Berlin, Milan, Mexico City, New York, London, and Beverly Hills.

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Xbox by Gucci Price

The Gucci-themed console, controllers, as well as vintage luggage, cost a hefty price tag of $10,000.

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