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Xbox Is Reportedly Working With Mainframe on the First 'Cloud Native' Game

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

Xbox is allegedly collaborating with Finnish studio Mainframe on an upcoming game which could be the first “cloud native” one ever.

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Detail of the LED logo on a Microsoft Xbox Series X home video game console, taken on October 9, 2020.

According to VentureBeat, the team-up between Xbox and Mainframe is going to produce an MMO with so-called “scaling complexity.” That is, the gameplay will entirely depend on where you’re playing.

Since the title (tentatively called “Pax Dei” for now or “Peace of God” in Latin) is cloud native, it means that players won’t have to install it natively. They won’t need a console or PC that could run it, because they could literally play it anywhere–perhaps even on a smartphone.

Visiting the website of Mainframe yields a few clues as to what this collaborative game with Xbox could be, for those who are curious.

There, the MMO is proudly referred to as “the game of a lifetime,” which they say promises a “vibrant world with new ways to engage and connect with our friends.”

Aside from the rumored title of “Pax Dei,” however, there’s not even a title published on the website. There also isn’t a mention of a publisher anywhere, let alone Xbox or Microsoft as an official partner, reports GamesRadar.

But as per the original VentureBeat report, “key figures” within Xbox are excited about the game because it could showcase how the hurdles of cloud native game development can be overcome.

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Is It Really a Collaboration With Xbox?

There’s no official confirmation from either Microsoft or Xbox yet about the partnership. But there could be a few hints that building the cloud native MMO is right up the company’s alley.

One key hire was Kim Swift (formerly of Valve and Google Stadia) which Xbox Game Studios Publishing proudly tweeted about:

Our team focuses on three pillars in our games: Community, Innovation and Inclusivity. Today, @K2TheSwift joins us in XGS Publishing to accelerate our Innovation and collaborate with independent studios to build games for the cloud.

Welcome to the team, Kim!

— Xbox Game Studios Publishing (@XboxPublishing) June 21, 2021

According to WindowsCentral, Swift’s job is to work with Xbox and Microsoft on what exactly cloud native gaming could be like.

Furthermore, Swift (whose credits include the iconic Valve series “Portal”) is also allegedly hired to work with legendary game designer Hideo Kojima on his still-unconfirmed Xbox exclusive.

Mainframe Has Been at It Since Last Year

Mainframe might sound like a relative newcomer, but their ideas for cloud gaming already have some solid backing.

Back in March 2020, VentureBeat reported that the studio has already raised $8.3 million in funding for the development of cloud native games. One of the investors is actually “League of Legends” developer Riot Games.

Cloud Gaming Still Has a Lot Of Work To Do

Cloud gaming on its own is still in its infancy. There are still a lot of technological hurdles that both Xbox and Mainframe must overcome if this pioneering cloud native MMO is to take off.

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But with Microsoft’s recent big forays into cloud gaming as a whole (and Xbox Cloud Gaming’s current reach of 1 billion people), there is a good amount of confidence for this still-unannounced (albeit officially) project.

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