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Xbox Game Pass Titles Coming in November 2021: ‘GTA: San Andreas,’ ‘Forza Horizon 5’

Xbox Game Pass titles to watch out for in November 2021 includes iconic titles, such as the “GTA: San Andreas” remastered, “Forza Horizon 5,” and other exciting games to look forward to.

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LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 10: Ashley Speicher, Xbox Game Pass exec, speaks during the Microsoft xBox E3 briefing at the Microsoft Theater on June 10, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. The E3 Game Conference begins on Tuesday June 12.3

Xbox Game Pass (November 2021)

As per the report by IGN, the November lineup of the Xbox Game Pass is one of the best so far with impressive gaming titles released week after week. It comes despite the departure of multiple titles on Nov. 15.

Not to mention that November also marks the pre-orders for the “Forza Horizon 5” Xbox Controller.

So, it is safe to say that November is a jam-packed month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers as it inches a month away from the holidays.

On top of that, PCGamer noted in its report that nearly all of the games from the Xbox Game Pass console are coming to the PC as well.

Xbox Game Pass Titles Coming (November 2021)

The lineup of Xbox Game Pass will start throwing out games on Nov. 2 with the entrance of both “Minecraft” and “Unpacking.” While the first one is exclusively for PC users, the latter is available for console, cloud, and PC gamers.

On Nov. 4, players from all of the platforms of Xbox Game Pass are delighted with games, namely EA’s cooperative romcom, “It Takes Two,” and the first-shooter title, “Kill It With Fire.”

Football fans may want to look forward to Nov. 9 as it marks the arrival of “Football Manager 2022” to the Game Pass lineup. On the same day, “Forza Horizon 5” is also coming to the Game Pass users in console, PC, and cloud platforms.

After that, on Nov. 11, the remastered version of the “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” known as “The Definitive Edition” is coming to console and PC gamers.

Although cloud users would not get the classical “GTA,” they could still enjoy the arrival of “One Step From Eden,” along with PC and console users on the same day.

What’s more, Nov. 11 also includes “The Elder Scrolls V” Skyrim Special Edition Update” for all platforms.

Meanwhile, on Nov. 18, Game Pass players are getting two additional games, namely “Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of The Year Edition” and “UnDungeon.”

And before the month of November comes to its final curtain call, Game Pass will be adding another gaming title, “Evil Genius 2: World Domination,” but it will be exclusive to console users.

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Leaving Xbox Game Pass Titles (November 2021)

  • “Streets of Rogue” – November 15
  • “River City Girls” – November 15
  • “Planet Coaster: Console Edition” – November 15
  • “Star Renegades” – November 15
  • “The Gardens Between” – November 15
  • “Final Fantasy VIII HD” – November 15

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