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Wu-Tang Clan RPG for Xbox In The Works? Leaks Speculate About an Action Title About the Rap Group

Yes, the Wu-Tang Clan is back, and they are not talking about a music comeback, rather a rumored RPG title based on the rap group’s lore that would focus on their story. Of course, the playlist would also be curated by the music group, something that would complement the gameplay and plot, as it focuses on their game, intended for the Xbox. 

The Wu-Tang Clan has been involved in a controversy back in 2015 that talked about a secret album that the rap group has made and was reportedly sold for millions. The said album was named “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin,” which was found with Martin Shkreli but was not seized by the FBI as it has tweeted before. 

Wu-Tang Clan’s RPG under Xbox [LEAK]

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Video Game reporter Jez Corden has first released this rumor in his YouTube podcast that talked about the leaked game. The podcast talked about how the game would focus on the lore of Wu-Tang Clan that would then be translated into a role-playing game that would have as many as four characters playing in a single session. 

This highly points out that the game is an online multiplayer, but nothing is confirmed for now. 

Corden said that this rumor came from an alleged Xbox Game Studios project that it has with Wu-Tang. Not only would the game be about them, but its official soundtrack would also be coming from the popular rap group, with numerous hits that it can use for the game. 

Brass Lion Entertainment would be the developer behind the game, and it was said to be a third-person POV game, says Jeff Grub in his GamesBeat Decides podcast that discussed the game and the rap group. The game is hiding under the pseudonym of “Project Shaolin,” something related to Wu-Tang’s secret album. 

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Wu-Tang Clan Songs for the RPG Game?

It was said that the songs of Wu-Tang would be the score and soundtrack of the leaked game, and it is only fitting because what else would represent the Clan best than their original songs. 

The music that the group made throughout the years has been popular, with an album selling to as much as $2 million, as mentioned earlier. 

Why is Wu-Tang Clan Being Dedicated a Game?

Arguably, Wu-Tang Clan is one of the most popular rap groups in existence, making its mark in the early 1990s and has been one of the icons for rap in the 20th century. Known for their hit songs “C.R.E.A.M.” and other titles, the rap group ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Team on Making Washington D.C. ‘Gilead on Steroids’ winstrol for sale online shapiro takes on everything from big pharma to the president to the catholic church — and wins | pennlive editorial led by Ghostface Killa, Raekwon, and RZA has made a global phenomenon of their songs that united a generation. 

The group is known to be popular in the New York underground rap culture and made its way up to international stardom. The game fits the story of the Wu-Tang Clan, who is known as one of the iconic rap groups that helped shape the modern rap genre and a generation that listened to its music. 

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