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WhatsApp Launches New Feature That Allows You to Send and Receive Messages Without Being Online

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WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature that allows users to link their accounts to secondary smartphones. It will let them send and receive messages even if their main smartphone is not online.

The feature is now available to all WhatsApp users on both Android and iOS versions.

WhatsApp’s Feature

In the past, you needed to make sure that your main device was still connected to the internet before you could carry a conversation on your linked web browser, according to GSMarena.

When using this feature on your smartphone, you need to opt into the feature called Beta. Once it is enabled, you will be unlinked from all devices before you get re-linked to a new device.

Once it is liked, it will work the same way as the main device, except you will be able to send and receive messages regardless of whether your main device is online or not. Also, the messages and calls are all end-to-end encrypted.

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Now, the lined devices will get and send messages up to 14 days after the main device goes offline.

This might be useful if you are in a situation where you have lost your smartphone, and you need to stay in touch with your friends and family through WhatsApp, or if your smartphone runs out of battery but you are not near a computer.

Unfortunately, there is a limitation on iOS that does not let you delete messages or conversation threads from a connected device. The other limitation is that you can’t link a tablet or a secondary smartphone.

Update your WhatsApp app to the latest version and tap the three-dot menu to check out the new feature. Then select “Linked devices” and enable the new feature, according to FirstPost.

WhatsApp Update

On Nov. 3, WhatsApp has added three new features. The social media company took the announcement to Twitter and the new features included are a desktop photo editor, sticker suggestions, and preview links.

The platform has added the media editor feature to the desktop version. The feature, which was available on the mobile version of WhatsApp only in the past, can edit, crop, and rotate images on the computer version of WhatsApp.

Next, the sticker suggestion will give users the option to choose the right sticker for their conversation while typing a message.

The update will also solve people’s issues who need to go through numerous other tabs just to select the right sticker option for their conversation.

WhatsApp stated that the feature was created to consider the users’ privacy in mind so that the app can’t see your searchers, and your personal messages are always protected.

The company has also updated its link preview feature on its web version, allowing users to see the full preview of the link being sent and get more context about the message before opening it.

Also, the “Delete for Everyone” feature will no longer have a time limit in WhatsApp. The feature is still under development, according to WABetaInfo, and will allow users to delete messages for a certain period of time in the future.

WhatsApp is also working on a transcription feature for users who do not want to listen to audio.

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