What’s Bixby? Samsung’s smart assistant explained

Bixby is Samsung's attempt to take on the likes of Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Alexa. It's a new AI agent exclusive to Samsung devices.

What's Bixby? Samsung's smart assistant explained

What’s Bixby? Samsung’s smart assistant explained

Samsung’s high-end Android phones come with their very own voice assistant referred to as Bixby, along with supporting Google Assistant.

Bixby is Samsung’s try to tackle the likes of Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. And, whereas it hasn’t had the success of any of these three assistants, it’s still pre-installed on Samsung units.

What’s Samsung Bixby?

Bixby is a virtual assistant. It made its debut on the Samsung Galaxy S8 however is designed to work throughout a variety of Samsung merchandise and is integrated in quite a few different units like Samsung’s Household Hub fridge and TVs.

You need to use it to text, get tailor-made info (concerning the climate, reminders of conferences, news articles, and so forth), study extra about what it sees with the camera (like the place to purchase a sofa within the camera view), and full actions (comparable to name your Mum for you). Bixby can study particular person voices, so it’ll personalise solutions relying on who asks. Samsung stated it “learns, evolves, and adapts” to you.

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Bixby is also available on some third-party apps.

Samsung also has a Galaxy Home Bixby speaker within the works though this still hasn’t launched some 18 months after its original announcement.

How Bixby works

Bixby is designed to allow you to perform a full vary of interactions, relatively than launching an app, for instance, or finishing up a single job.

Bixby is contextually conscious, which means that it could possibly recognise the state that the app is in and take the suitable actions based in your requests, also letting you combine voice or contact.

Bixby also needs to have the ability to understand pure language: which means that you needn’t use set phrases, however you can provide incomplete info and Bixby can interpret and take motion. Pure language recognition has been key to the rise of Alexa, for instance, and is now a key ingredient of recent AI.

The service basically works in the identical approach as different AI options like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa in that it listens to your voice, interprets the knowledge, and returns the ensuing motion.

The contextual consciousness means you may get it to take actions with out laboriously detailing precisely what to do with what – it already understands the place you’re so can take the logical subsequent step.

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Wake phrase

For these using the “Hello Bixby” wake phrase, you will can speak to your gadget using pure language as you may do with Google Assistant. still, Bixby appears susceptible to launching unintentionally, so using the button press methodology prevents false recognition. This solely applies to the voice management facet of Bixby. In any other case, you will discover issues like Bixby Vision built-in into the camera and able to use.

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What Bixby can do?

Bixby Voice

One of many primary goals of Bixby is to cope with more and more sophisticated units. Listed below are some examples of what Bixby will do:

  • Say “show this on my TV” to see your phone screen mirrored to a Samsung TV.
  • Say “use this as my wallpaper” to saves the onscreen image as your phone wallpaper.
  • Say “take a selfie and share it will Facebook” to force your device to do exactly that.
  • Say “remind me to take medicine at 3pm” so that Bixby will save the reminder.
  • Say “open Messages” to open the Messages app.
  • Say “turn on HDR” to turn on that feature in the Camera app.

It’s essential to hit the Bixby button or say the wake work to make use of these instructions, which all make logical sense, becoming with the outlined goals that Samsung initially set out for Bixby. It is simple to ask it to do issues like altering the quantity or growing the brightness of the telephone. Usually, on the subject of gadget management, Bixby is superb, as it’s with composing messages for you, or studying incoming messages. and so forth.

Bixby Vision

Bixby Vision presents a variety of features that benefit from the camera on the telephone. Working in an analogous strategy to Google Lens or the Amazon buying app, you may both ask Bixby what one thing is or open the camera app and hit the Bixby Vision button.

It is a nice function, however one we have used plenty of instances earlier than in different apps. Bixby Vision will basically identify regardless of the camera is pointed at, with choices introduced relying on what it sees, providing to identify a picture, place, text or go to buying choices. When the Bixby Vision thinks it could possibly see wine, it presents a wine search operate. These then lead into extra info, as soon as the gadget has been recognized.

We’ve seen it:

  • Identify The Shard in London and suggest local restaurants.
  • Recognise a box of Lindt Lindor (strawberries and cream flavour) and suggest shopping options.
  • Spot a bottle of Casillero di Diablo and offer details on the wine.
  • Recognise text, making it easy to copy text from a poster.

The perfect bit about Bixby Vision is that it is not depending on the total Bixby Voice service, with direct entry by way of the camera, so even those that do not but have language assist for the total Bixby Voice service will get Bixby Vision.

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Bixby Home

There’s one other facet to Bixby. For these not diving into the voice service – or those that cannot get it as a result of it is not supported of their nation – there’s Bixby Home. That is a part of your telephone residence display, residing off to the left of your homepage.

Within the UK, this integrates the Upday news service (accessed through a left-swipe on the display or a brief press on the button) or Flipboard for these elsewhere and pulls in playing cards from supported apps. That is full of playing cards, so it is like a private feed or a vertically scrolling checklist of data that Bixby can work together with, whether or not that be climate, health exercise, and buttons for controlling IoT devices.

Many apps and companies could be built-in into Bixby Home, like Twitter, Fb, Spotify, and your Gallery, so you may entry highlights from all this stuff there. Which means you will have a card displaying photos you have just lately taken, a card displaying present Twitter traits or controls to your Spotify music. In actuality, there’s little or no that Bixby Home does that is distinctive or helpful.

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Bixby Reminders

Bixby can create a reminder for you – however with particular duties in text or guidelines format. You’ll be able to ask it to remind you of calls and text messages that you just need to make later, and media content that you just need to revisit later comparable to photos (as much as eight photos in a single reminder), video, and net content. You’ll be able to set a reminder by voice or from Bixby Home (go right here for extra details about how).

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Restaurant recommendations

Restaurant suggestion could be served up by Bixby based on places you’ve visited up to now. It also handles a number of the reserving course of, like reservation time, your telephone quantity, the variety of friends, and so forth., which might all be auto-filled based upon your earlier habits.

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Uber rides

Bixby permits you to e-book Uber rides together with your voice. In an on-stage demo, Samsung instructed Bixby, “I want a experience to JFK,” with out truly saying “I want an Uber…”. Bixby merely responded with a value and a request to verify. Any such interplay also works with live shows or restaurants, so that you needn’t say “…on Ticketmaster”. The perfect half is you do not want any of those apps put in both.