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Waymo, UPS to Partner on Delivering Packages in the Country with its Autonomous Class 8 Trucks; Waymo Via

Waymo and UPS are partnering up on a venture to deliver packages during the upcoming holidays that would bring massive loads using its autonomous Class 8 trucks known as the “Waymo Via.” The company has announced a joint venture that would focus on transportation and logistics needs that would be in time for the holidays.

Waymo, UPS to Deliver Packages this Holiday with Autonomous Truck

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Waymo has announced that it is now partnering up with UPS, the popular global logistics company, and the venture would be delivering packages and hauling cargo during the holidays. The deliveries would focus on bringing massive loads of packages from different parts of the country, focusing on its autonomous driving feature for a truck. 

The venture would use Waymo’s Class 8 truck that could haul plenty of cargo on its trailer, focusing its transportation to bring the packages in time for the holiday season. One of the many problems during the holidays is late deliveries as logistics are swamped with transportation to different local delivery hubs, something that UPS and Waymo are getting ahead of now. 

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Waymo Via: What is It and How Good is its Autonomous Features

The Waymo Via is a Class 8 truck that can haul a massive load for long journeys, and beneath it is a Daimler Freightliner Cascadia truck that has been fitted with autonomous driving features. Waymo says that its Via truck is already fitted with fully autonomous features that can take packages from different facilities with ease, without the need for human intervention. 

The company will have trial runs for the Waymo Via to bring cargo with zero human intervention. 

Waymo Via, Tesla Semi, and Other Autonomous Logistics

Waymo is going a step further with its autonomous driving features with the Waymo Via, something that has been a known venture from the company before, which focuses more on its logistics services. It is known that Waymo has recently launched its self-driving taxis in San Francisco, CA, and would soon apply to other counties and states for it. 

However, it is not the only one for logistics and transporting heavy loads in the country with its vehicles, as Tesla is also known for its “Semi” truck venture that is known for its capabilities to haul cargo. Also, joining this is the smaller delivery van from Rivian that has been in partnership with Amazon to bring packages as well, but would focus on directly bringing it to households. 

However, Waymo’s Via is focused more on the autonomous driving feature and has partnered with Daimler’s Cascadia Class 8 Truck for this venture which is not an electric vehicle. Nevertheless, the company focuses on bringing a fully autonomous truck on the road that would be responsible for the loads and cargo as it goes from point A to B with UPS. 

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