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Walmart PS5 Restock is Now Sold Out | Stores to Visit Next and Issues During Console Drop

Walmart has rolled out a PS5 restock for the second time this week, but it did not quickly end there. The retail giant has dropped another batch of next-gen consoles on Friday, Nov.5, but in a matter of minutes, they were already sold out.

The third wave for the gaming machines is now finished and fans have mixed opinions about their experience regarding this.

After Walmart’s PlayStation 5 restock, what stores can you visit to continue your PS5 hunt?

Walmart PS5 Restock Issues

(Photo : Charles Sims from Unsplash)

Walmart’s latest hosting of PS5 drops has gone “horrendous” for some fans. If you are unsuccessful in your recent purchase, read more here to know the stores that you need to visit next.

According to a report by Comicbook, some buyers said that the previous Walmart console restock was one of the “worst” that happened since PS5’s release last year. Apparently, the latest drop did not end well for others.

For another moment, some customers shared experiences about this event. The majority of them reported that the technical glitches ruined their buying of the new console.

To specify the problems, some said that the website has crashed upon the checkout. Others said that it even froze and some functions were not working properly.

During checkout, the customers complained about a problem where they could not add the PlayStation 5 to the cart. As such, many considered waiting for another round of restocks from other stores in the next few weeks.

Over Twitter, many citizens raised their concerns about the Walmart PS5 fiasco. One customer said that Walmart is a “billion-dollar company with a $5 server.” Another described the latest PS5 drops as “horrendous.”

@Walmart One day I pray you get this PS5/Xbox thing right… Billion dollar company with a $5 server

— Kevin Tucker (@xTakerRIPx) November 5, 2021

Still, another one wrote he’s been stuck from 10 to 30 mins because of the “freezing screen.” He overheard that people mentioned the increased timers and he felt that Walmart wanted him to get out of the queue.

it’s been stuck on 10 mins for 30 mins for this PS5 weird since people have said their timers increased, I have a feeling Walmart really wants me to leave the line lol

— KnightHero (@KnightHero117) November 5, 2021

Very soon, we expect that Walmart will address all of these issues for the customers. With that, we still anticipate that many buyers would go to other retailers just to score PS5.

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PS5 Stores to Visit After Walmart’s Console Drop

According to Tom’s Guide, the restock pattern for Walmart happens every 10 to 15 minutes. It could even reach an hour at that point.

The disastrous drop may have disappointed some customers, but there’s still hope in getting the elusive gaming console.

You can visit these stores to check if there are available PS5 stocks. To add, we also included the last date where they released the consoles.

  • Sam’s Club (Oct.22)

  • Dell (Aug.25)

  • Sony (Oct.21)

  • Kohl’s (Apr.21)

  • Antonline (Oct.28)

  • Costco (Nov.2)

  • Newegg (Apr.29)

  • Best Buy (Oct.29)

  • Amazon (Oct.26)

  • GameStop (Oct.26)

  • Target (Oct.27)

PS5 Restock Tracker Tricks

If you are having a hard time finding PS5 anywhere, you first need to go to online sites where you can see a lot of restock trackers who give tips ahead of the console drops.

Tech Times previously reported a Twitter-based insider conducts daily streams about PS5 drop times. According to the tracker, the usual PS5 drops in Sony Direct fall from Tuesdays to Fridays.

Apart from that, the PS5 restock tracker also shared tips on how bots work during the purchase and tricks on how to avoid scalpers.

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