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Virgin Galactic Space Tourism Sold 700 Tickets Already, Price Increase to $450k Each Sells 100 More

Virgin Galactic’s space tourism has opened up last August 2021, and since then, the company has sold a massive 700 tickets to future astronauts that will board the VSS Unity. The company has sold 100 more tickets despite upping its price to $450,000, which the company has recently announced during their investor calls.

Virgin Galactic Space Tourism: 700 Tickets Sold

(Photo : Virgin Galactic via Twitter)

Virgin Galactic Unity is the spacecraft to be used for future missions and space tourism by the company, as headed by Sir Richard Branson. The focus of the company would be on space tourism and partnerships from different ventures.

According to the recent Third Quarter Financial Results of Virgin Galactic, there were a total of 700 tickets sold with its commercial space tourism program aboard the VSS Unity. This is a massive achievement for the company as it is reaching its target number for the flight that would happen in intervals of four up to six people aboard. 

Virgin said that this is 700 of the 1,000 target ticket sales of the company, focusing on the many offers it has for a seat to space. This would be one of the world’s earliest offerings with regards to space tourism, with a price that is near the expected value for this venture. 

Soon, it would be more affordable to people, giving everyone a chance to head to space with companies like Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, Blue Origin, and more. 

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Virgin Galactic: Are Prices Going to Change?

Virgin Galactic’s tickets have changed prices since its August launch of the ticket sales. The original price was at $250,000 but has changed to $450,000 moving forth. 

Now, it remains unknown if this price would still have an increase from Virgin Galactic or Branson, but it remains the price of the remaining 300 or fewer tickets offered by the company.

Virgin Galactic’s Space Tourism

Sir Richard Branson is among the first civilians that reached orbit outside the zone that humans consider to still be on Earth, earlier this year with the Virgin Galactic’s human test flights. The company has made its mark concerning space tourism, bringing a new future for humans with the hopes of having the chance to experience this feat. 

The ticket sales for Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity are massive, especially as the company has allotted as many as 1,000 tickets for this venture, giving everyone a chance to have their space experience soon. However, this is for the well-off only, as it is priced as much as luxury cars at $450,000 now and $250,000 before. 

It is known that Elon Musk of SpaceX has also purchased a reserved seat in the venture of the company, and this is massive support from one of the most notable people to ever buy from Virgin Galactic. The Mojave-based space company has a different approach to space travel, especially as they focus on having two jets in flying its spacecraft, helping it reach orbit. 

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