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[VIRAL CULTURE] Most Notorious TikTok Challenges That Deserve a Ban and Their Horrific Consequences

TikTok has become an online avenue for activity sharing and viewing. The platform allows the users to upload short clips that could go viral or not. In some cases, other videos are inspirational, while some bring laughter to the audience.

However, there are cases that people manage to do the most dangerous things on the app to go with the trend. Over the past months, many incidents of injuries and even deaths have surfaced online because of these viral challenges.

To know what you should avoid doing on TikTok, here is a list of the challenges that should be banned on the platform. You can also know what ordeals they will cause to the individual. 

Dangerous TikTok Challenges and Their Ordeals 

(Photo : Solen Feyissa from Unsplash )

Here are some of the craziest TikTok challenges that you should avoid at all costs. Click here to know more about them.

Blackout Challenge 

There’s no doubt that the blackout challenge or the fainting game will be included in this list. The task for the users is to choke themselves until they experience passing out for a few moments.

In April, a 12-year-old boy from Colorado died after doing the challenge. He managed to stay in the hospital for nearly three weeks while on life support.

Before that, a girl from Italy strangled herself with a belt. She was immediately rushed to the hospital but later died due to asphyxia.

Coronavirus Challenge

If you are a regular TikTok visitor, you might be familiar with a woman who went viral because of his challenge. Back in March, a strange challenge surfaced online involving Ava Louise, who was seen licking toilet seats inside an airplane.

According to the participant, what she did was the so-called coronavirus challenge. Many citizens criticized her after saying that she could potentially acquire the disease. 

If she has COVID-19, there’s a chance that she might infect someone.

Silhouette Challenge

At first, you will not notice any wrong with this challenge since this is just simply dancing to the music’s beat. However, some hackers find a way to stain the reputation of this TikTok challenge.

The silhouette challenge involves a woman who is shown as a silhouette under the red light. Although it’s a creative form of trend, a privacy breach has ruined this challenge.

There’s a possibility that someone could see your naked body without consent while doing this challenge, as per Pop Inquirer.

Enamel Remodelling

Another TikTok challenge that attracted a lot of attention, especially to the dentists, is the challenge similar to enameloplasty. However, there’s a catch with this activity.

Instead of using the right tool, you will be instructed to reshape your enamel with nail files. An Instagram content creator who is an orthodontist said that those who do this challenge could suffer from tooth destruction.

Smile Magic Family Dental co-founder Dr. Chad Evans said that it would result in irreparable damage to teeth. 

Improvised Vampire Fangs

Some TikTok users have tried creating DIY vampire fangs for their teeth if there’s a tooth filing challenge for the enamel. The twist here is the use of adhesives, nail glue, and even Super Glue.

Besides the fact that they could damage your teeth once you attempt to remove these DIY fangs, the dentists warned the people that the nail glue is poisonous, New York Post reported.

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Other Bannable TikTok Challenges 

  • Gorilla Glue challenge 
  • Face wax challenge 
  • erection cream for lip pout
  • corn cob challenge
  • skull breaker challenge
  • pee your pants challenge
  • poop challenge
  • verbal abuse challenge
  • dry scoop challenge
  • milk crate challenge

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