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[VIDEO] New 'Zoom For Home' : How Does it Differ From Zoom Rooms? Features, Setup Properties You Need to Know

Zoom is offering a new range of products known to be “Zoom For Home,” consisting of features that include hardware devices and software interface made exclusively for remote workers, anywhere in the world, Tech Republic shared this story.

Right now, those who have studied and tried the video conferencing app are saying that the features are leaning more toward major corporations and businesses. With the new range of products, Zoom is hoping to address the needs of everyday and ordinary customers as well.

The COVID-19 pandemic has directed individuals to stay home, prompting meetings and conferences to happen via Zoom.

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Zoom isn’t behind the hardware

To clarify, the company is not in-charge of creating the hardware, but is tied up with third-party businesses to make this new product a possibility. However, did you know that this is not the first product of this kind?

Previously, the very first “Zoom For Home” was a partnership between conferencing product manufacturer DTEN, and then named this range DTEN ME, and is at 27 inches wide. Scaled down, it offers unique capabilities for hosting video conferencing in offices.

(Photo : Zoom Video Communications / Facebook)

Zoom introduces a new feature for remote workers and office professionals.

This one-stop device features three built-in cameras at wide-angle, eight-microphone set, and touch screen display that you can have for your business presentations, annotations, and whiteboard writing.

For these critics and tech correspondents, it’s a smart display for the professional setup.

The product of everything

Jeff Smith, Zoom Rooms head stated, “The hardware has to be an all-in-one thing, without a lot of assembly.”

Zoom Rooms is the conferencing room platform by Zoom. However, Smith also pointed out that the new product is not similar with Zoom Rooms. The latter is a different subscription-enabled product exclusively for conferences in the office.

He also stated that the product is likewise contrasted from enterprise-level systems that usually need multiple hardware platforms such as soundbars, monitors, and cameras. However, overall, the design is meant to be user-friendly.

Setup properties

For installation, it varies depending on how your team uses it. For instance, corporations may require their IT department to set this up. Meanwhile, if utilized for home use, it must be plugged in and the devices must be connected with the local Internet network. Then, this is the time that the IT manager can begin with the software revisions and settings.

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For work from home professionals, the process of setup should be easy. There are other steps to make the experience even better, though syncing calendars and configuring the settings. Should you need to seek your IT professional? Not necessarily because the installation does not require technical know-how.

Zoom is utilized by millions of worldwide tech consumers. With the pandemic ongoing, it is more of a need today for weekly meetings, brainstorming activities, and more from the side of the work-from-home employee and business people.

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