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Utah Computer Science Graduates Aren't Fast Enough for Silicon Slope Demands | New Funding Expected As Remedy

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Utah Computer Science Graduates Aren’t Fast Enough for Silicon Slope Demands | New Funding Expected to Remedy This Problem

Both the University of Utah as well as the Utah Valley University are now receiving millions of dollars in order to construct new buildings. This is also to help attract more students to the field as the demand on the Silicon slopes are now increasing.

University of Utahh

The University of Utah is currently claiming its spot in tech history as one of the esteemed four original “nodes” when it comes to computer networks that later evolved into what is known as the internet. 50 years later, however, the state’s own flagship school actually does not have any dedicated space for thousands of different students wanting to study computer science and become part of the next upcoming big development.

According to the story by The Salt Lake Tribune, Richard Brown, the current dean of the U.’s College of Engineering including the School of Computing, notes that they have students interested and graduates that are actually really in demand. It was noted that they just don’t really have enough places to put them in order for them to learn.

Silicon Slopes $20 Billion Per Year

It was notably an accurate problem for one of the largest campuses and in the state where the whole tech economy is now the fastest growing economy in the country, as per a report by CyberStates. With the massive expansion of Silicon Slopes, it has actually become a whopping $20 billion per year industry.

Brown noted that they certainly do not want to limit the total number of students they can have. It was stated that the U. is now working on a solution now that, just like a computer, would involve both 1s and 0s. The effect of technology on jobs has seen massive significance as Facebook will be opening 10,000 jobs in Europe as the company is now committing to the “metaverse.”

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$15 Million Donation

It was announced just last week that they will be receiving a whopping $15 million donation as the starting funds to be able to construct a massive $120 million building in order to house computer science students. This would then give them their own space for the very first time just decades after the university had connected to ARPANET back in 1969.

The historical gift is known to be the largest ever for the College of Engineering. This comes from the prominent Price family that is well known for its own business acumen, whose own patriarch is also said to be an engineering alumnus. John Price gave a statement with his wife Marcia. For those making their own companies, here are five tips for hiring college graduates at your startup.

According to Price, they are now pleased to lend their support towards this particular effort which is considerably so crucial to Utah’s expanding economy. It was noted that the demand for graduates is definitely so high, in fact, that Utah Valley University actually followed the announcement by unveiling its very own competitive plans just a few days later to also build a brand new engineering building on its own Orem campus.

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