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Users Reporting Dust Inside Nothing Phone 1: Downside Of Owning A Transparent Phone

Numerous users are currently sharing issues relating to the top quality control of the Nothing Phone (1 ). As per blog posts on Twitter, users are obtaining phones with dust speckles.

As per the Twitter customer called Kunal shah and also Nimit, they have received a black variation of the Nothing Phone (1) with white tinted micro dust inside the back panel. One of these users connected with the Nothing team and got his phone replaced. To his shock, even the substitute device had dust in it.

He has currently increased a ticket to change his second smart device as well as waiting to get a brand new phone, perhaps without any dust in it. Many people are now commenting that this could be a reoccuring thing, and also the brand name will not have the ability to do much apart from change the unit. The issue appears limited to the black version of the Nothing Phone (1) as well as not the white setting.

Factor Behind Dust?

Among the feasible factors for the dust under the back panel of the Nothing Phone (1) is the assembly atmosphere. Until as well as unless it is totally dust cost-free, one will not be able to stay clear of dust obtaining stuck between the glass panel as well as the real phone.

Individuals are additionally suggesting that this is why no business makes a transparent smart device, as it is very hard to stay clear of dust. While some of the Nothing Phone (1) proprietors are not really troubled concerning this problem, the remainder are in fact not satisfied with the quality control of the Nothing Phone (1 ).

Does It Affect In Long Term?

Till as well as unless there is some issue with the glue utilized to secure the Nothing Phone (1 ), users require not have to worry about the small speckles of dust inside the Nothing Phon (1 ). Nonetheless, it is most definitely not going to be cosmetically pleasing, which is among the major factors to get it replaced, specifically if you get a damaged device.

Already, Nothing seems to be immediately changing the system for free of expense. It is yet to be seen if the company will do the same point for all the users who have actually received a dusty Nothing Phone (1 ).

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