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Unity in Talks with Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital VFX Company Known for ‘Shang-Chi,’ ‘TLOTR’—For a Game?

Unity is now in the works of a deal with Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital, a visual effects company known for its many roles in Hollywood films, series, and other visual needs for productions. There have been reports regarding its massive deal of as much as $1.625 billion on the table for Weta’s acquisition, to be part of the cross-platform game engine.

Unity and Weta Digital’s Massive Deal is Coming

(Photo : Unity/Twentieth Century Fox)

Unity Acquires Weta Digital in Whopping $1.625 Billion acquisition, already on the table.

Unity has announced that it is on a “definitive agreement” with Weta Digital, a visual effects company co-founded by one of the most popular film directors of the 21st century, Peter Jackson. The deal on the table would be a whopping $1.625 billion, and it is a lot for an acquisition of a VFX company, made by a gaming engine platform. 

However, Weta Digital is not just any visual effects company, as it has contributed to the massive special effects in the film industry, particularly those that required massive tweaks to its image. Unity said that Weta would still be a “standalone entity” within the company despite the whopping acquisition price from the deal. 

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Unity: Why Acquiring Weta Digital?

The reason for Unity to acquire Weta Digital is to further boost its capabilities to different levels and help each other in creating future ventures for different platforms. Despite Weta Digital focusing on films as a standalone series, it may also be intended for games, where Unity has been specializing on for a long time now. 

Unity and Weta Digital

Unity is known for being a platform for games, and being its engine, it can deliver a variety of what the game has to offer on different devices, being a game engine for different devices. Several of the popular games under the company’s engine is the “Crash Bandicoot,” and it has known for being a popular franchise since the 1990s. 

On the other hand, Weta Digital is best known for its massive visual effects creations for different films, but they are particularly known for the co-founder and director Peter Jackson. The director is known for his massive franchise of the novel adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit.”

Plenty more films have been made with Weta Digital’s VFX, including the 2015 “Fantastic Four,” James Cameron’s “Avatar,” along with the upcoming “Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings.” Now, it is on a talk that would change the direction of the company, leaning more into Unity’s patronage over the VFX ventures. 

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