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Twitter’s ‘Disappearing Tweets’ Fix Rolls Out to Users—Here’s What’s New

Twitter’s “disappearing tweets” issue fix is now rolling out to its users. It comes after the social media giant vowed to release an update, which addresses the problem affecting numerous users. 

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This picture taken in Moscow on October 12, 2021 shows the logo of US social network Twitter on a smartphone screen.

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Twitter issued its promise to push an update that will put an end to the “disappearing tweets” problem on the social media platform last Sept. 22 in a statement on its official support account.

Twitter’s ‘Disappearing Tweets’

As per the report from The Verge, the issue dubbed as “disappearing tweets” occurs when a user is reading a tweet from their timeline, then someone from your following list or the person who published the tweet replies.

The reply will prompt Twitter to automatically refresh the tweet that the user is trying to read. Thus, it would disappear from the eyes of the reader as it vanishes from their timeline.

The statement of the microblogging platform last September started by acknowledging that the “disappearing tweets” issue is “a frustrating experience.”

That said, Twitter went on to reveal that it is already working to fix the “frustrating” issue on its platform.

Furthermore, the tech giant gave a timeline for the rollout of the update containing the fix of “over the next two months.”

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Twitter’s ‘Disappearing Tweets’ Fix Rollout

According to the report from Engadget, Twitter has already started releasing its fix for its auto-refresh mess, which answers the long-time complaints of its users.

To keep its promise of providing a fix for the issue, Twitter began rolling out an update for the web client of the social media platform.

(Photo : by LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP via Getty Images)

This photograph taken on October 26, 2020 shows the logo of US social network Twitter displayed on the screen of a smartphone and a tablet in Toulouse, southern France.

The microblogging platform introduced a new option for its users to only load new tweets at their discretion.

The tweet counter on the web client of Twitter would no longer auto-refresh the tweets on the user’s timeline. Instead, there is now a tweet counter option above, which users could click to reload the latest posts.

However, it is worth noting that Twitter is still working to roll it out to all of its users. As such, some folks on the social media platform may still see the older look of the desktop client, which has the auto-refresh problem.

Twitter also confirmed the fix via its support account, saying that “an update to the disappearing Tweet experience is rolling out for web!”

Once the new update has finished its rollout to the social media giant’s users, the auto-refresh mess of Twitter is expected to come to an end.

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