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Twitter: Search Tweets Feature Coming Soon; iOS Users See Feature First, Android Coming Soon

Twitter is debuting a new feature in the form of “Search Tweets,” where one does not need to scroll down a profile anymore to look for a certain tweeted word or phrase. The feature was said to be rolling out to iOS devices now but is not yet in full release, and its availability to the Android platform is coming soon.

Users can now use keywords and the like to search one’s or a certain profile to find a tweet, and it would help in scrolling up and down the Tweets tab.

Twitter: Search Feature for iOS Devices is Rolling Out to Select Users

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As first seen by a social media consultant known as Matt Navarra, a magnifying glass icon is seen on the top right corner, right atop the header of a user whose profile is searched or clicked. The feature is now available for some iOS users, with its rollout not yet on a full blast. The feature can now be accessed and it would allow users to type in keywords or phrases.

Using these words and hitting the search function, users can see the tweets of a certain Twitter account, having access to certain tweets that were a part of their history and past. The contribution of this feature would help in retrieving past tweets without the need to look for them in the Tweets tab, scroll up and down the profile, and skim each tweet that passes.

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— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) October 11, 2021

When will Android get the Feature?

(Photo : TechTimes via Screenshot)

Android users do not have the feature yet, but do not worry as it is coming soon. Moreover, it would shortly be released to the Google OS after the iOS has received the feature already, and has it available to all of its users.

The web application will soon follow; however, it already has a similar feature on its platform with the advanced search. If a person is not familiar with the advanced search, it would be challenging to do this, and search tweets would help in making the process easier.

Twitter: Features and Development

Twitter is also an application and social media that is all up in bringing new features and tech that would help in bringing accessibility to users that focus on making their experience better in the platform. One of the most popular ones is the soft block feature that removes a follower from one’s list, without needing to block and unblock them.

Another one is the “Heads Up” feature and it would appear whenever clicking the “Show Conversation” button that would reveal the entire talk or its history of tweets from a different user. The company’s platform would assess if it has gotten out of hand or is leading to a toxic talk, something that would help in avoiding a bad experience on social media.

The most recent is the Search Tweet, something that has long been requested by users to come to the platform, and is now available in the iOS app.

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