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Twitter Brings Revue Subscription For Newsletter | Feature to Launch on Android, iOS Soon

Twitter has brought new features for Revue writers and users. According to the latest report, the social media giant will now allow them to sign up for a newsletter. Right from the tweet, they could now tap the subscribe button in a single click.

Revue Newsletter Subscription on Twitter

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Revue Newsletter Subscription on Twitter timeline

According to a recent report by The Verge, Twitter has previously rolled out a particular Revue feature wherein writers could highlight the newsletter on their profile.

In the following month, in September, the Revue writers could finally use the feature. Before, subscribing to a newsletter could be tedious for some users. To do it, you first need to verify your email.

Now, Twitter makes it easier for users to sign up through a subscribe button. If you have a linked email address to your social media account, you are only one click away from getting the subscription notice. There’s no email confirmation here.

At the moment, this feature can be accessed by web users. Revue is planning to release its dedicated version for iOS and Android in the near future, according to the company’s tweet.

📣 We’ve got big news. (You’re really going to like this.)

Starting today, your followers can subscribe to Revue newsletters directly from Tweets in their timeline.

This is already enabled for all Revue writers on desktop and mobile web, with iOS and Android to follow soon. ✨

— Revue (@revue) October 22, 2021

Twitter Acquires Revue

Engadget wrote on its Oct.22 report that the tech titan bought Revue earlier this year. The social media powerhouse eyes are adding newsletter features to garner more followers on the platform.

The fresh move of Twitter to add updates for Revue puts it in a better position over other newsletter services such as Substack. Some of them still stick to the traditional newsletter signup method, which is quite longer than the new one.

Last month, writer Casey Newton posted on his blog that the Twitter audience has a big role in the popularity of Substack. Moreover, he said that after using the said feature for one year, Substack has only one way for Substack to thrive: it is through the posts on Twitter.

“I wish I had other obvious avenues for growth, but to date, it really feels like it’s Twitter or nothing,” Newton said.

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Previous Changes on Twitter

Back in April, Twitter launched a live test for those who work on one of the largest social media in the world. The “Professional Profiles” aims to bring more business tools, especially for brand-focused workers. In short, the main target of this feature is the enterprises, publishers, and creators, to name a few.

For the initial live test, the first subjects that underwent the experiment were the small businesses. At that time, Twitter said that it anticipated unveiling more of it in the next few months.

Additionally, this feature would make your profile more professionally looking, especially for those who are running a business. Common information such as email address, contact number, and more will be posted on your main profile frame.

In June, the tech firm announced that it would be charging $3 for users who want to undo their tweets. This feature is attached to the Twitter Blue subscription plan.

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