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Twice-a-Day Workouts: Should You Do It? Here’s How to Choose the Right Routine For You

Twice-a-day workout apps may sound intense for some, but this is regular for athletes that train for a competition or need to have the so-called “strength and conditioning” routine which they need. But how about the average person that does home workouts daily during this pandemic? It may be troublesome, but it may also be for you. 

Twice-a-Day Workout: Should You Do It?

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Yes, Twice-a-Day workouts are safe and effective; and more often than not, it yields better results compared to the once-a-day intense training regimen for a person. This is because the body is experiencing constant physical activity and the muscles adapt to more exercise that would help develop them, and make them stronger. 

According to Steel Supplements, training twice a day can help in bringing more of an increased training volume, as well as post-exercise energy consumption. The many benefits of working out twice a day are “double the chances of winning,” and in a person’s case and body, more opportunity to get fit and healthy. 

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How to Choose the Best Workout For You?

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The best workout is what a goal of a person is for themselves. Think of a concrete result that one wants to change in their body and work from there. Doing it twice per day will only help in adding more volume to the workout, bringing more chances to build up the specific needs of a person’s body. 

It could either be an upper body workout for the first one and then another workout for the glutes. Platforms like Nike Training Club, Fitness Buddy, My Fitness Pal, and more focus on bringing diverse routines for a person to explore.

What Important Things to Remember When Doing it Twice 

Twice seems nice, right? Well, not at all times. People should always think twice about doing or exerting more of themselves when doing a said workout, especially if they are not conditioned to do such things. Physically exerting one’s self may be troublesome, especially as it can cause minor to major injuries, especially when doing it with personal workout apps only. 

And while home workouts are good routines, there may be wrong forms or procedures that a person does, and that would be the cause of the said injury or problem in the future. Apps are more interactive than videos from DVDs, but they still are not enough as no physical trainers or coaches are here to help in bringing advice. 

Also, a person should not do it close to their bedtime, as it might affect the “feeling of sleep,” especially as physical activity can boost the happy hormones that would keep a person awake instead of falling into slumber. Nevertheless, more exercise is good for the body, but that does not necessarily mean that more is good, so do it at your own pace. 

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