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Top Metaverse, Gaming, and NFT Projects to Watch in 2022

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Blockchain has had a quite a year in 2021. While cryptocurrency was what put it on the world map, we’ve seen much more of what the technology can do. Some of these include non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain-based gaming, and the metaverse, which came to even more prominence when Facebook changed its parent company name to Meta in the same year. 

2022 is gearing up to be an even bigger year for these types of projects. While 2021 was about establishing a presence among consumers, 2022 is about building on this. As we enter the oh-so-important year, here are the top metaverse, gaming, and NFT projects to watch:


Ever since luminaries like Street Fighter dominated arcade tournaments, fighting games have been a testament to the skill and dedication of players worldwide. With the advent of blockchain tech, earning from skill is now possible.

MetaFighter, a play-to-earn and NFT-centric arcade game brings together characters, skins, skills and arenas that can be leveled up, earned and traded. Through dueling in the arena, players can earn FIGHT tokens through skill wagers and power up their NFT assets for resale on the marketplace. MetaFighter thus aims to reward passionate arcade enthusiasts for their ability in combat by building a blue-chip arcade fighter on the blockchain, breathing new life into the inspired fighting game community and bootstrapping the fight-to-earn genre.


Game Jam’s (quick, collaborative development of games) has been a thing in the gaming world for a long time. They have not only brought many amazing offerings to the world but foster a community spirit as well. Given how community-focused the blockchain industry is, it is only natural that it would have its own. 

GameJam is a blockchain-focused platform that allows the hosting, participation, and publishing of blockchain game jams for all game types and genres. GameJam essentially acts as a hub for the emergence of new innovative blockchain games and as that sector develops in 2022 and beyond, it will be even more relevant.  


NFT BAZL is the world’s favorite NFT boutique marketplace. By bringing together art, artists, celebrities, and creators in a thriving and growing ecosystem, NFT BAZL is changing how the world accesses and invests in collectibles, NFTs, and other high-end digital assets. NFT BAZL has held showcase events in Miami’s iconic Temple House, SLS Hotels, as well as Dubai’s JW Marriott Marquis. Using technology to bridge the gap between art, the physical world, and blockchain, NFT BAZL has featured and will continue to feature artworks and collections from some of the biggest movers, shakers and celebrity artists in the digital luxury investments space.

Origin Protocol 

Origin Story is a new, groundbreaking NFT platform that makes it easy for artists to create and sell NFTs on their own terms. With personalized storefronts and flexible sale formats, Origin’s NFT platform is known for hosting record-breaking NFT sales, including the most successful viral video NFT sale with “Charlie Bit My Finger” and the most successful music NFT sale with musician 3LAU. The platform has partnered with leading artists including Paris Hilton, Ryan Tedder, Don Diablo, Jake Paul, and others. Origin hosted a private NFT exhibition during 2021 Art Basel Miami and will continue to showcase the work of top NFT artists in 2022 and beyond.

Blind Boxes

Most of us have played toy vending machine games as children or bought advent calendars as adults with surprise items. But what if you got a valuable NFT as a surprise item instead of a toy or candy? That’s the idea behind Blind Boxes, an NFT marketplace that allows users to pay a flat fee and receive one of many curated digital and physical collectibles.

Just like toy vending machines, buyers can see all items in each collection. Items are distributed at random, the mystery is which one you will get. Since items of higher value are distributed in collections, users always have a chance of getting significantly more than they paid for. This concept is a fun and approachable way for buyers to grow their collections of Metaverse, gaming, and art NFTs.

Monster Galaxy P2E 

Monster Galaxy P2E is an exhilarating creature-taming and battling game that incorporates the concept of a play-to-earn economy. Monster Galaxy is a successful global IP known for its cute MOGA monsters, epic soundtrack, and intriguing manga story with over 25 million players worldwide and 1.3 million fans on Facebook. 

The new P2E game entry, backed by Animoca Brands, will enable its loyal fans to become the owners of the game. They will encounter and tame MOGA, complete quests, and challenges, and earn $GGM tokens in the new exciting Monster Galaxy world. 


The growth of blockchain gaming around the world has been remarkable and within Asia, Whydah is one of the leading voices in the space. Whydah is a blockchain-based game hub that supports and provides access to blockchain games. 

Ever the forward-thinking company, Whydah is working towards an open metaverse where everyone and everything is connected online as they are offline. In this vein, the company raised $25 million in 2021 through support from companies like Hashkey, Eternity Ventures, Bitscale, Youbi, and Morningstar Ventures. 

Whydah is also working through Iron Sail, a subsidiary that raises funds to be invested into blockchain gaming projects.  In 2022, Whydah is slated to launch more projects in the open metaverse and if its past performance is anything to go by, it will be a success.


With all the changes going on the blockchain world, we are seeing a fragmentation of the technology. KardiaChain, however, wants to change this by creating a unified platform that all blockchain users can come to.

With a record 5-second transaction confirmation time and fees of 0.00001 USD per transaction, KardiaChain and its native KAI token are set to truly unify the blockchain crowd. Its newest addition is its KSML (KAI Smart Contract Markup Language) which lets developers deploy cross-chain smart contracts on the KardiaChain but with less experience required. The goal of this is to further united smart contract platforms and connect KardiaChain to other platforms.

KardiaChain will also be launching its Galaxias hard fork on 29 December 2021. With this new update, there will be a slew of new features including Web3 compatibility – facilitating its mass adoption. Needless to say, KardiaChain is one of the more interesting projects out there and is certainly one to watch in 2022.


2022, from all indications, is gearing up to be an exciting year for blockchain. One of the reasons for this is the metaverse, which is starting to pick up steam and has so much untapped potential. This is besides the fast-growing gaming and NFT space. 

The above projects have made their mark in 2021 and come 2022, investors should keep a close eye on them. 

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