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Top BSC Projects with Highest Security Score | Anti-Rug Pull List

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash) Top BSC Projects with Highest Security Score | Anti-Rug Pull List

Security score or safety score is very important when looking for a new crypto project to invest in. With more and more rug pulls popping up every once in a while, it is important for investors to have a safe and secure project to invest in.

BSC Projects Gain Popularity

Investors looking for the next big crypto project, BSC projects, or Binance Smart Chain projects have been highly sought after. With certain projects like PancakeSwap showing positive results, more and more people are looking for newer BSC projects that have high chances of growth.

Of course, growth is not the only important thing when it comes to the cryptoverse. Security is also another integral part of the whole crypto space. BSC Daily on Twitter has ranked ten different BSC projects with the highest security score.

Minimum of 94 Security Score

Each of these projects was able to obtain a security score over 94. As of the moment, these projects might not be the newest in the field, but they were referred to by BSC daily as the projects with the highest safety score.

Top BSC Projects with the Highest Safety Score:

1. Biswap

Safety Score of 95

2. BitBlocksFinance

Safety Score of 95

3. DeFi For You

Safety Score of 95

4. Definix

Safety Score of 95

5. Lightning

Safety Score of 95

6. Mars Ecosystem

Safety Score of 95

7. Pacoca

Safety Score of 95

8. Smaugs

Safety Score of 95

9. BabySwap

Safety Score of 94

10. EverRise

Safety Score of 94

Certik Security Score

According to the tweet, this data came from Certik, which provides a security leaderboard for the leading projects and some of the less popular projects. Investors can check the leaderboard to find projects and see if they are secure or not.

Of course, although Certik shows hard data, it is still important to DYOR regarding any asset or investment before jumping in. As per the time of writing this article, Biswap, Definix, and Mars Ecosystem have increased security scores from 95 to 96.

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Wault Finance Security Score

The project with the least security score over the last 24-hours is Wault Finance. This would indicate that should potential investors want to put their money into Wault Finance, and it is important to do so with caution.

As per Certik, EverRise has also fallen down to a security score of just 83 from its initial score of 94. Scores can constantly change, so it is important to monitor the security scores of projects that are being invested in.

With the wide range of crypto projects, tracking the price on Certik is not the only way to find out if the project will be a potential big hit. Aside from popularity, it is important to consider safety scores before investing in new crypto projects to protect the investments made.

— BSCDaily (@bsc_daily) November 16, 2021

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