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Top 12 Metaverse Tokens | MANA, SAND, AXIS, and More

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Steve Johnson on Unsplash) Top 12 Metaverse Tokens | MANA, SAND, AXIS, and More

Ever since Facebook’s, now Meta’s, big announcement, there have definitely been huge bets when it comes to the metaverse. A number of cryptocurrencies have been blowing up ever since the announcement that Meta will focus on the metaverse.

Metaverse Tokens

As of the moment, it seems like Facebook’s now parent company Meta has decided to focus heavily on the metaverse while in the cryptospace, a lot of investments have been put into metaverse-focused cryptocurrencies. A certain tweet by CoinMarketCap asked the public to guess what are the top 20 metaverse tokens on the platform.

To this, a particular Twitter user Renoshi noted that since the public couldn’t name 20, the user decided to name 12. The 12 cryptocurrencies were metaverse tokens and were involved in one way or another in the construction of the metaverse.

Top 12 Metaverse Tokens:

  • MANA

  • SAND

  • AXIS

  • ENJ

  • HERO

  • VRA

  • RFOX


  • EFI

  • UFO

  • BLOK


After the tweet was posted, CoinMarketCap replied with a GIF saying “mega based.” There were also other mentions within the thread of other metaverse tokens that were reportedly not included in the listing like Gala.

Twitter user Gravity Silent noted that Gala was founded by the co-founder of the popular Zynga, and there are also lots of interesting meta games expected to come soon across a number of different genres. Renoshi then acknowledged Gala saying he recently heard it in a podcast.

— RΞNOSHI (@renoshi_) November 16, 2021

Other Unmentioned Meta Tokens

Another token that was recognized was $THG, which was mentioned by Halt Wheeler, who says failing to mention the token needs a call for attention. To this, Renoshi said “I know, I know. My bad.”

Another user asked if anybody knew about Illuvium. To this, Renoshi said that the user forgot to put it on the list. Another user questioned whether $ALICE stands a chance against other metaverse tokens and to this, Renoshi replied “definitely.”

One of the last tokens recognized by Renoshi was $WAX, and although there were multiple other crypto mentions, these were no longer recognized. To date, there are new cryptocurrencies popping up every once in a while with more and more people discovering new projects.

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Race Into the Metaverse

The bet on who will make the metaverse is still pretty broad, but there are already a few leading contenders as mentioned on the list. It is important to DYOR before investing in any cryptocurrency asset that claims that they will be part of the metaverse.

Although a company or project is eager to make its metaverse project a success, this does not always mean that they will push through. It is important to know the fundamentals of the project, who the developers are, what the tokenomics is, and what are their long-term goals and how they plan to achieve them.

There is a category on CoinGecko that lists down the top metaverse coins by Market Cap. At the moment of this writing, the total metaverse capitalization dropped 3% in the last 24 hours.

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