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Tom Hanks Reveals Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos Invited Him to Fly to Space—Here’s Why He Declined

Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos invited Tom Hanks to fly to space, but the actor has to spare millions of dollars, the latter revealed during his guesting at the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 21: Academy Museum of Motion Pictures trustee Tom Hanks speaks onstage during the Academy Museum Opening Press Conference at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on September 21, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

Tom Hanks Reveals Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos Invite

It turns out that billionaire Jeff Bezos reached out to other high-profile celebrities to be one of the passengers of his Blue Origin flight to space–aside from “Startrek” cast William Shatner, as per the report by Huffington Post.

It comes after Hanks told the host of the show, Kimmel, that Bezos reached out to him to strap himself along with the billionaire for a monumental flight to space.

However, the actor and filmmaker disclosed that Bezos was asking him to pay for the seat on his rocket, which costs a hefty price of $28 million. But Hanks seems to be unsure of the exact figures as he further added that the cost is “something like that.”

It is worth noting that Blue Origin refused to reveal the price of a ticket inside its rocket, but estimates suggest that it is at a whopping price of $100 million.

If the estimate is to be taken seriously, Hanks seems to have received a massive price cut offer from Bezos himself.

Tom Hanks Turns Down Bezos Invitation

Nevertheless, Hanks still declined to pay for such an amount to experience flying to space, saying that: “I’m doing good, Jimmy, but I ain’t paying $28 million,” according to the news story of ABC7.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 20: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos arrives for his meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the UK diplomatic residence on September 20, 2021 in New York City. The British Prime Minister is one of more than 100 heads of state or government to attend the 76th session of the UN General Assembly in person, although the size of delegations is smaller due to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Downing Street, Johnson planned on speaking with Bezos on the tech giant’s tax record.

Hilariously, the actor went on to claim that “we could simulate the experience of going to space right now.”

Hanks was next seen shaking his chair during the interview as if he is mimicking the experience of flying inside the space rocket.

The actor further said that experiencing just that does not have to cost him $28 million, adding that he could even do that at home.

Hanks even highlighted that the spaceflight will only last for mere 12 minutes, saying that “we could all do it in our seats right here.”

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Blue Origin Second Crew Flight

The Blue Origin flight that carries “Startrek” actor William Shatner, who became the oldest passenger to fly to space at age 90, launched last Oct. 13.

It came three months after the first passenger flight of the space exploration firm of Bezos, which included the billionaire.

The StarTrek actor was joined by other individuals, who are non-astronauts as well, namely, Audrey Powers, Chris Boshuizen, and Glen de Vries.

Contrary to how Hanks sees the experience of spaceflight, Shatner said that the experience of flying to space was “the most profound.”

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