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TikTok Hacks 2021: Food Hacks Everyone Should Know About

TikTok is, without a doubt, one of the most popular apps these days. It has been a way for people to express their thoughts and creativity and even to earn money. People use the app to entertain, be entertained, or even both.

One of the things that many TikTok users love about the platform is that it has also become a go-to place for life hacks. If you do not know how to do one thing or the other, you are probably going to find a TikTok that has all the answers you are looking for.

TikTok life hacks come in variety too. There are TikTok hacks for school, household chore hacks, gadgets, and even food. TikTok food hacks, in particular, are actually pretty popular on the app. Here are some examples of the TikTok food hacks that everyone should know about:

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TikTok Food Hacks

TikTok food hacks are sure to be useful for people who are lazy to cook or make their own food and people who enjoy being in the kitchen and whipping up a delicious meal. These are just some of the TikTok food hacks you can find on the app:

Egg Yolk Hack

   @davidparody1 Remove egg yolk with water bottle trick #fyp #cookinghacks #foryou  ♬ Roscoes – ZaeHD & CEO     

If you have ever struggled to separate the egg yolk from the egg white before, TikTok has a handy food guide that will show you an easy way to do it. According to this TikTok video, you will need a plastic bottle to do this handy egg yolk trick.

Garlic Hack

 @majauncensored not me peeling 10 garlic heads after I discovered it ♬ original sound – Maja Uncensored  

According to an article by Mashable, garlic seems to be a favorite among creators who like to do TikTok hacks. While peeling garlic is not as painful as peeling and chopping onions, it can still be easier said than done.

Other Food-Related TikTok Hacks

TikTok food hacks are not just limited to how to cook or bake food. There are also hacks for other food-related concerns you might have, including what to do with a pizza box. Here are some examples:

Hidden Nutella Knife Hack

   @foodies Not sure if everbody knows this leave a comment guys #fyp #foryou #nutella #4you #lifehack #tiktok (cred: @crunchynut84 )  ♬ New Nutella – Foodies     

You have probably used a knife or a spoon to scoop out Nutella from the jar onto a piece of bread or anything you want to slather it on. You might have even used your finger, dipped it in, and popped the Nutella straight into your mouth. What you might not know is that your jar of Nutella comes with a knife. Where is it exactly? It is hidden inside the lid.

Pizza Box Hack

 @nateandgran Pizza box life hacks #fyp #viral #foryoupage #share #duet ♬ original sound – Nate Hunter  

You have probably had an experience where you ordered a pizza, did not fish the whole thing and ended up wondering just how you are going to fit a large box into your fridge. Most of the time, if not always, your solution is probably to transfer the pizza to a different container.

But did you know that there is a faster solution to your pizza storage problems? As the TikTok food hack above can show you, the dotted lines on your pizza box serve a purpose: to make the box itself smaller.

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