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Three REvil Hackers Arrested in Europe Following Police Operation

Three members of the notorious cybercrime gang REvil have been arrested in two European countries following a global police operation. 

Two alleged hackers have been arrested in Romania while one has been caught in Ukraine. The operation is said to be part of Europol’s “GoldDust” operation. Seven members of the ransomware gang have been arrested in different countries since February.

The United States has also stated that it retrieved cryptocurrency from the gang amounting to $6 million. The cryptocurrency is said to be the gang’s profit from their hacking operation. 

The REvil gang has been behind some of the year’s most notorious ransomware attacks. Victims of the REvil gang’s operations include software company Kaseya and meat processing company JBS SA. 

REvil is actually short of “Ransomare-Evil.” The gang is also known as Sodinikobi.

Three REvil Hackers Arrested

Three hackers of the REvil cybercrime gang have been arrested in two different countries in Europe following a global police operation. 

According to a report by the BBC, the global police operation was announced by Europol, Romanian police, and the US Department of Justice.

Three members of the notorious cybercrime gang have been arrested in Romania. One hacker has been caught by authorities in Ukraine. The BBC report notes that the raids that led to the arrest of the hackers took place both offline and online. 

“Officers allege that the two Romanians arrested on November 4th infected 5,000 victims and pocketed half a million euros in ransom payments,” the BBC report said. 

The US has also announced that it has recovered $6 million in cryptocurrency from the gang. 

Operation GoldDust

The police operation that led to the arrest of the three REvil hackers is part of what is known as “GoldDust.” It is a Europol operation focused on the REvil gang. 

According to the BBC, seven REvil hackers have been arrested since February. The members were arrested in countries like Romania, South Korea, and more. 

REvil Gang

The REvil Gang, which is also known as Sodinikobi, has been behind a number of cybercrime attacks this year. According to a report by Fortune, the name REvil is actually short for “Ransomware-Evil.”

One of the gang’s most infamous attacks this year is against software firm Kaseya. REvil’s ransomware attack on Kaseya affected more than 1,000 businesses around the world, according to the BBC. The company has paid $11 million in ransom to the gang. 

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Other cybercrime attacks conducted by the REvil gang this year include attacks against meat processing company JBS SA and Travelex, a foreign exchange company. 

The BBC report notes that the cybercrime gang’s leaders have “announced that pressure from authorities had forced them to shut down operations.”

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