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The Sandbox Leads Virtual Real Estate with Token Valued at $14 Billion

Urian B., Tech Cases

Even supposing some investors are announcing it is some distance aloof too early to sing which metaverse will be triumphant, Sandbox is currently leading when it involves virtual exact property with its token valued at a whopping $14 billion.

The Sandbox Virtual Real Property Game

As identified by @lariusprime on Twitter, The Sandbox is is typically known as a UGC blockchain sport that’s leading when it involves digital exact property. As of press time, The Sandbox is leading when it involves “virtual exact property games” with over $100 million in investment.

The token itself used to be already valued at a whopping $14 billion as of the past week. In addition, it furthermore has barely any customers as of writing with investors successfully valuing the monthly stuffed with life customers at a tiny bit over $470K every.

As of press time,  it may per chance presumably well also furthermore be talked about that The Sandbox is amazingly some distance forward when compared to other metaverses, in conjunction with Decentraland, Axie Infinity, CORE, Rec Room, and Roblox. The comparison as successfully is amazingly some distance off as The Sandbox leads the rush.

Here’s the Game/Company Valuation per Monthly Inspiring Person:

  • The Sandbox – has a valuation of a whopping $472,667

  • Decentraland – has a valuation of a whopping $24,333

  • Axie Infinity – has a valuation of $10,250

  • CORE – has a valuation of $5,000

  • Rec Room – has a valuation of $1,167

  • Roblox – has a valuation of $227

The comparison between The Sandbox and Roblox is a lot as investors are successfully valuing monthly stuffed with life customers of The Sandbox at $47,667 every while greatest $227 every for monthly stuffed with life customers on Roblox.

The Sandbox SAND Token at $13.8 Billion in Entirely Diluted Market Cap

The Sandbox talked about it greatest had 30,000 monthly stuffed with life customers or MAUs in November and Decentraland had 10x that quantity. One function on the lend a hand of that is due to the Decentraland working on a browser with out wanting a crypto wallet for folk to play.

Per an editorial by, the SAND token has $13.8 billion in fully diluted market cap with a ground imprint of a whopping $10,000 for land, per data gathered by OpenSea.

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How Important is the Most price-nice Land in The Sandbox?

One element that The Sandbox has furthermore indubitably been ready to live is the return of investment for investors.

For investors that build their money in SAND final three hundred and sixty five days, they would have had an enormous 11,000% return on their investment. As viewed on OpenSea, the lowest imprint for land in The Sandbox is at 0.4 Ethereum (ETH), which is roughly about end to $1,000 USD.

This, however, is upright a converse imprint so it may per chance presumably well also or may per chance presumably well also no longer be enough for investors to get their arms on LAND within The Sandbox. It may per chance well possibly most likely presumably well also aloof be infamous that the most costly space is currently at 999,999 ETH which is LAND (-21,188)

The Sandbox is a UGC blockchain sport that’s the leading light of “Virtual Real Property Video games.” It has > $100M in investment, and as of ultimate week, tokens valued at $14 billion. It furthermore has barely any customers. Investors are successfully valuing monthly stuffed with life customers at > $470,000 every

— Lars “Entirely Texas” Doucet (@larsiusprime) January 24, 2022

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