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The Boring Co. Tunnel is Expanding the Vegas Loop with 29 Miles More, 51 Stations; Clark County Gives Green Light

The Boring Company is going back to Nevada and continuing the Vegas Loop after Clark County green lights the project, putting 29 miles more to the tunnels and having as many as 51 stations soon. The Vegas loop is one of the earliest projects of the company, and it has been a success that is expanding now into different places in the state.

Vegas Loop is Expanding in Clark County

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Clark County is the next stop of the Vegas Loop, and it would be fulfilled by The Boring Company to dig underneath and pave the way for the Tesla EVs to move around and avoid traffic. The venture would pick up on The Boring Co.’s special project in Las Vegas, where it has already made 10 miles worth of tunnel underneath the Sin City.

This is a massive venture for the state of Nevada, as it would have one of the most expansive tunnel systems in the country, especially as it is to be run by environment-friendly Tesla EVs. Moreover, it would ease the traffic in the state and help more people to get around places in the most efficient way.

Vegas Loop is expanding – 29 miles and 51 stations!

Thanks to the Clark County team for the great partnership and to the Commissioners for unanimous approval.

— The Boring Company (@boringcompany) October 20, 2021

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The Boring Company Tunnels: 29 Miles More, 51 Stations in Total

According to The Boring Co.’s Twitter page, there would be a total of 29 miles and 51 stations in the project’s expansion of the Vegas Loop. This pickups from the 10 miles worth of tunnel that runs underneath Las Vegas.

This is currently the largest tunnel system that The Boring Company has made, and it would benefit the citizens and visitors of Nevada, as it interconnects them from the airport to the different parts of the county.

The Boring Company Tunnels Are Famous in the Other States Outside Nevada

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The Boring Company tunnel

The Boring Company has been a proprietor in the tunnel system that focuses on employing electric vehicles underneath the surface to transport people and their needs to different places. This means that it would not need to build tracks like trains, and the sister company of Boring, Tesla, can readily bring electric vehicles for its tunnel.

The vehicles would be driverless, and it would only be fitting because it would drive on a set road already, without having to worry much about upcoming traffic. Moreover, it would use Tesla’s FSD and Autopilot to go around the different stations that are offered.

The Boring Co.’s tunnel project has been signed on to different states and counties already, and it is not exclusive to Nevada and the Vegas loop only. It also includes several partnerships from the likes of Austin, Texas, and Miami’s Las Olas Beach Loop that includes Fort Lauderdale.

States outside Nevada are growing their interest in the venture as they saw how much it improved the traffic and transportation in Las Vegas, the proprietary county for the project.

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