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The Best Apple Arcade Games for 2021

(Photo : Unsplash/ Daan Geurts) Apple Arcade 2021

Apple Arcade games have given users beautiful and complex gaming experiences over the past few years. Thanks to mobile devices becoming gaming platforms and becoming on par with consoles.

Modern phones and tablets have enough power and storage space to download games to play during your downtime.

Apple Arcade Games 2021

Below are the Apple Arcade titles that are worth playing right now. While you won’t find these games on other smartphones or available for purchase on the App Store outside of Apple Arcade, some are available on other dedicated gaming consoles and PC stores.

Still, Apple Arcade is the only place that you can play them in a bundle, according to PCMag.

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Assemble With Care

“Assemble With Care” takes mundane tasks like unpacking a suitcase or fixing a tape recorder and it fills them with the puzzle-solving fun that you would expect from the developers of “Monument Valley” Only a couple of developers are as skilled at harnessing the touch screen’s expressive interface capabilities.

Card of Darkness

“Card of Darkness” has amazing aesthetics thanks to the creator of “Adventure Time,” Pendleton Ward. It has unexpected remixes of familiar yet classy strategy and number-based card games mechanics.

It is what users have come to expect from Zach Gage, creator of other mobile masterpieces, like “Really Bad Chess” and “SpellTower.”

Cat Quest II

The original “Cat Quest” called itself “Skyrim With Cats” and was able to deliver that title. “Cat Quest II” is accessible and has a deep and addictive action RPG starring the adorable felines. You can play this mobile game with another player, according to Tom’s Guide.

ChuChu Rocket! Universe

“ChuChu Rocket! Universe” has a new spin on the 3D, spatial puzzles of the original Sega Dreamcast game. It does not change my lukewarm opinions of Sega’s final home console back from 1998, but fans are happy to see this series has made a successful comeback.

Crossy Road Castle

“Crossy Road” is one of the best mobile games for children or anyone else who wants in on the action brought by the game. “Crossy Road Castle” gives a different experience to its users. Instead of crossing numerous roads, you can control a chicken who changes platforming levels in different towers, according to The Verge.

Aside from the change in genre, “Crossy Road Castle’s” challenge is fun overall. The franchise of this mobile game is considered royalty already/.


“EarthNight is an automatic runner, and it is one of the most common mobile gaming genres. It is occasionally broken up by tiny parts where you fall from the sky.

However, the art itself is so distinct, the music is amazing and new, and the motion is fluid and freeing that you can’t help but get lost in it. Plus, you get to fight with a dragon using a sword.

Exit the Gungeon

“Exit the Gungeon” is more than just an incredible name for a sequel to “Enter the Gungeon.” It has the original game’s ability to marry simple 2D arenas with nuanced and action-packed gunfight mechanics. In this case, the touch screen makes fighting fire a lot easier.

Apple Arcade launched in 2019 and is available for iOS and OS X.

Apple Arcade costs $5 a month, but it comes with a free trial for a month.

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