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The Best Android Games for 2021: The Most Famous Titles and Niches

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The success of mobile operating systems, especially Android and iOS, has created an expansive ecosystem that fostered new games and gamers.

The mobile market has a lot of gems that deserve a place on your Android home screen. There is no shortage of retro classics, indie hits, and Nintendo-published originals once you’ve scratch the surface.

In fact, some mobile games can match the quality of AAA title seen on consoles and PC.

Best Android Games for 2021

We’ve pooled a choice selection of great titles across all genres, so scroll down for our top picks if you’re interested in playing Android games, according to PCMag.

Among Us

“Among US” dominated the gaming world in 2020 during the peak of the pandemic. It is the perfect quarantine pastime, even though it technically launched in 2018, according to CNBC. 

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As you and your fellow astronaut friends work together to fix your spaceship, secret saboteurs work to quietly kill all of you.

Whether you use social manipulation to flush out the truth, or you can lie your head off to continue the ruse, trust nothing and no one.

Arena of Valor

On desktop computers, the MOBA market is dominated by “Dota 2” and “League of Legends.” On mobile, however, the playing field is different, according Dot of Express.

“Arena of Valor” a game created and published by Tencent, is one of the best ways that you can enjoy the bizarre real-time genre on the go.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

One of the most iconic games in the “Castlevania” series has found a home on Android phones. You need to take control of the vampire Alucard, and slay the demonic hordes that haunt the castle and scheme to resurrect Dracula.

“Symphony of the Night” features an expansive RPG weapon and inventory system that is chock full of unique gear, spells, and items.

With numerous castles to explore, unique abilities to earn, and an encyclopedic list of monstrous punching bags to beat up. “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night” is a Konami classic that is worth downloading.

Chrono Trigger

One of the most iconic and beloved RPGs of all time can be played on your Android phone. You can embark upon a time-traveling RPG with seamless and strategic combat, great visuals and very charming story.

The mobile “Chrono Trigger” is based on the expanded Nintendo DS version, which features a much improved story translation over the SNES original.

Touch controls can be a little inaccurate, which can be annoying as the combat is faster-paced than the average game. Still, “Chrono Trigger” was a monumental RPG, and remains engrossing today.

Crossy Road

“Crossy Road” is a game with a formula that works really well as a methodical endless runner. The colorful voxel look is amazing, and the chickens are very funny.


In “Downwell” you will be plummeted down on randomized stages using guns that are strapped to your feed. The goal of this is to pull off the most stylish runs possible before death.

Bullets not only kill enemies, they also help you hover in the air for crucial repositioning. The levels themselves are retro and mostly monochrome, aside for the occasional red splashes. The vertical orientation really sells the feeling of falling.

Aside from downloading the games and playing them while you are online, you can also download Android games for offline use.

There are also NFT games that can be downloaded on your Android phone.

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