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Tesla’s New Home Charging Wall Connector Works on ALL EVs in North America—How to Buy

Tesla’s new home charging wall connector now works on electric vehicles even from other manufacturers, making it compatible with all EVs, at least in North America.

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A Tesla logo is seen at a charging station inside a mall in Shanghai on October 23, 2017. – Tesla has reached an agreement with Shanghai authorities that would make it the first foreign automaker to build its own plant in China, putting it in the driver’s seat in the world’s biggest electric-vehicle market, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Tesla’s New Home Charging Wall Connector

As per the report by The Verge, the quietly launched new Level 2 wall connector of Tesla comes after the EV giant, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, started welcoming other EVs from competing manufacturers to its Supercharger stations in the Netherlands.

Electrek first spotted the new home charger offering of the giant EV maker, sporting a J1772 plug, which is compatible with all of the EVs that you’ll stumble upon in the North American region, along with Tesla’s car lineup.

Although the Musk-led car maker previously announced the development of its Supercharger stations, the Tesla boss did not mention anything about the launch of the new wall connector, which comes as a surprise to many.

Tesla’s New Home Charger: How to Buy

The online listing of the new home charger boasts that the J1172 Gen 2 Wall Connector is a “convenient home charging solution for electric vehicle owners.”

(Photo : Tesla Wall Connector website )

Tesla’s new home charging wall connector works on all electric vehicles, at least in North America. Here’s how to buy one.

The listing of the Tesla wall connector further noted that its user will only need to “plug in overnight and charge while” they are sleeping. With its support to other EV brands, this convenience could extend to non-Tesla owners.

It could be bought on Tesla’s website to the tune of $419.

Tesla’s New Home Charger: What to Expect

What’s more, the new wall charger pumps 9.6 kW of power output, along with 40 amps for a single-vehicle change. On top of that, the connector also features a 7.3-meter cable length.

Not to mention that Tesla claims that it flaunts a design that could work on both outdoor and indoor settings.

Electrek further noted in the same report that the silent launch of the new Tesla home charger is the first of its kind, which did not include the proprietary connector of the EV giant.

Elsewhere, Tesla released its CCS adapter to South Korea, but North Americans have to wait for now.

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Tesla Supercharger Stations

It is worth noting that the giant EV maker further plans to open up the massive charging network of Tesla across the world, which its CEO and founder, Musk, first revealed last July 20 on Twitter.

Currently, all of the Tesla Supercharger stations in multiple locations around the world, except for the Netherlands, only cater to the EV models of the tech giant, such as the Model 3, Model S, Model Y, and the Model X.

That said, the latest development in the Netherlands is just the first step of Tesla’s endeavor to open up its charging station to non-Tesla EV owners as well.

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