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Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Delayed Due to Repeat Online Consultations as Announced by Regional Environmental Ministry

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Delayed Due to Repeat Online Consultations as Announced by Regional Environmental Ministry

The Tesla gigafactory has been experiencing delays due to the repeated online consultations as announced by the regional environmental ministry. It was announced that the repeat would be for local citizens to express their objections properly.

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Hits Roadblock

According to the story by Engadget, Tesla reportedly hit another roadblock when it came to starting the company’s production at the long-awaited Gigafactory Berlin. This was reportedly caused by a technicality that is delaying the whole approval process by about a full month.

During Gigafest last week, Elon Musk noted that Tesla was reportedly aiming to start its production at the Gigafactory Berlin in November 2021. People reportedly attending the factory tour during the county fair noted that Tesla looks like it is almost ready and will soon start production.

Regional Environmental Ministry Reports

The main hurdle, however, remains the long-awaited regulatory approval. The official regional environmental ministry reportedly announced that they will start to repeat the online consultations for local citizens to be able to express their objections.

Although this has already been done back in 2020, environmental groups are still now successfully arguing that the process was actually done properly and should also be repeated, as per Reuters. Authorities then decided to repeat the whole process after certain environmental groups disputed in a different case that also moved online that citizens were not given enough warning.

How the Warning was Given

The warning was not reportedly given when it came to the advance that the consultation would be digital. This prompts certain concerns that the same time also applied to the Tesla consultations. Tesla gigafactory Nevada required face masks for all workers despite being vaccinated or not.

The online consultation is reportedly for local citizens to be able to express their obligations and is expected to run from Nov. 2 to 22. The objections would reportedly again need to be reviewed following the whole period. Tesla Giga Berlin is expected to start its Model Y production during the latter part of 2021.

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Tesla Start of Production

This makes it more likely to push the official approval of the projects towards at least December. However, the good news is that while this would delay Tesla’s official start of production and its deliveries at the Gigafactory Berlin, it should not reportedly delay the whole ramp-up, which is still more important.

Although the whole process is reportedly being delayed, Tesla can still reportedly work on the supply chain and its own production process to prepare for the ramp-up at the said factory. During the official Q3 Tesla earnings call, CFO Zach Kirkhorn added that while Tesla aims to start production at the factory this year, buyers should not expect any deliveries with those vehicles until 2022.

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