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Tesla FSD: Autonomy for Increasing Road Accidents in US for First Half 2021; Elon Musk Agrees

The Tesla FSD is the “autonomy” solution for the increasing US traffic-related accidents that have resulted in death or fatalities that was recorded earlier, in the first half of 2021. Elon Musk agrees on this, meaning that full-self driving aims to deliver a safe driving system on the streets, and it would help human drivers from committing errors. 

Tesla FSD: To Help Drastic Traffic Conditions in the US

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Elon Musk commented on the increasing traffic incidents that occurred in the early half of this year, as it was regarded that Tesla would be the answer to the problem of society. The CEO said that it is unfortunate that a lot are getting into accidents and having the worst-case scenario of a fatality, with a lot of people looking at Tesla for the solution.

Nevertheless, the company would be one of the most popular ones to debut a feature like this, and it is based on the focus of Tesla as one of the safest car companies present. 

Moreover, these accidents are human errors or faults, something that the FSD would help manage, especially as it would take the wheel and focus on full autonomy.

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US Traffic Accidents Rose in First Half of 2021

In the report by the Associated Press, US traffic incidents in the First Half of 2021 have risen significantly, and these accidents have resulted in fatalities like death and serious injuries. The alarming state of the country’s traffic conditions is brought by human faults, errors, and miscalculations on the road, something that has been rampant these days. 

Tesla FSD to Focus on Road Safety

Tesla FSD is the name, and road safety is the game.

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The Full-Self Driving feature of Tesla was said to be the system that would help humans in achieving an absolute accident-free road, with a lot of people not worrying about the collision as it would prevent it from happening. The Tesla Dojo is here to make sure of that, as it is the supercomputer from the company that would teach its AI neural network the safety features it needs. 

Initially, the National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) has criticized Tesla with regards to its FSD, saying that it needs to focus on basic safety features to improve as a whole for the system. That being said and while Tesla is highly regarded for its safety, it still has a lot of room for improvement to train its systems before it goes “absolute.”

The improvement of the FSD is to focus on road safety, and it would help achieve the goals of the company regarding its aspiration to help the streets be a safer road to drive on. Hopefully, it would also help in lowering the traffic incidents that result in death on the streets, as it is an increasingly alarming rate that goes up, especially amidst these times. 

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