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Tesla Dojo: Zero Accidents on the Road Once It Develops, Elon Musk Stresses Importance on Whitepaper

The Tesla Dojo’s whitepaper was released earlier today, and it has discussed the future of the AI neural network training supercomputer on the company’s self-driving technology. Elon Musk has added a few pieces of information with regards to the future of the Dojo, and it is to have a high accuracy in predicting traffic situations resulting in zero accidents. 

Tesla Dojo: Elon Musk Says 90% No Traffic Fatalities

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Elon Musk has stressed the importance of the latest release by Tesla, and it is with the Dojo’s white paper that was unveiled earlier today. Then, Musk has further discussed the technology of the Dojo, and how it would help the FSD and other of Tesla’s autonomous driving features in the coming years. 

Musk said that the Dojo can bring as much as a reduced traffic fatality to the feature for almost 90 percent now. However, in time, it can bring as much as 99 percent accuracy in reducing accidents. 

Musk also promises that this would go over 99 percent, or the absolute 100 once it develops more. 

That being said, the Tesla Dojo would be key in improving the technology of Tesla’s FSD, as it would train it to be optimized for road use, among other cars, and reduce human errors in driving. 

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What is the Tesla Dojo?

The Tesla Dojo has released its whitepaper earlier today, and its goal is to share the advancements of the AI neural network (NN) training supercomputer that is being developed by the company. If FSD is the technology available to all, the Dojo is the tech that makes it possible. 

Why is that? Because it helps in optimizing the NN of the cars as a safer feature. 

Tesla Safety 

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The recent release of Tesla’s FSD Beta feature, particularly with version 10.3, has been plagued with crash warning issues that resulted in its downgrade to 10.2 and another update with the 10.3.1. It may seem confusing at first, but this is a must on the clean energy company’s safety measures and step to ensure an experience like no other. 

Tesla has been known for its safety, something that the company has boasted of since then, especially with its NTSB crash ratings and high regard from different regulatory committees. The many focuses of Tesla as one of the safest cars in the world have made it stand out against other manufacturers as it focuses on both technology and mechanical aspects. 

The Dojo is with Tesla to train its AI and self-driving technology to reach its full potential, and this is to ensure the safety of people when using its systems daily. The world is focusing more on a mobile future, and this includes the vehicles that would have the highest safety ratings in the world as part of their daily life. 

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