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TerraPower Selects Wyoming Site for Building its Experimental Nuclear Reactor; Project Backed by Bill Gates

TerraPower has selected a site to build its experimental Nuclear Reactor project that would soon be the pioneer to nuclear technology and source of knowledge of the country. The project by TerraPower is backed by massive entities, including the United States Department of Energy, as well as former Microsoft CEO and founder Bill Gates. 

TerraPower Selects Wyoming Site for Experimental Nuclear Reactor

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TerraPower has announced that the company has selected Kemmemer, Wyoming, as the site of its upcoming nuclear reactor venture that would test and study the science behind it. The location would be on a retiring coal generation plant known as the Naughton Power Plant. 

Instead, the company’s 345-megawatt reactor would soon erect on the said location, replacing the coal-powered one. 

The project was said to be the next source of power for the location and nearby places, as it has previously relied on coal energy for this. However, this project remains to be experimental, with no known concrete products or output that is available now. 

TerraPower and GE Hitachi have brought together their work on nuclear reactors, calling the project they have “Natrium.”

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US Dept. of Energy, Bill Gates, and MORE Back TerraPower

The US Department of Energy, Hitachi, and popular philanthropist and former CEO Bill Gates are the known entities behind this project, having their backing to its development and output. The project is going to receive massive funding of as much as $180 million off the bat, with more investments and funding to receive in the future.

At the height of the project, it would bring a 2,000 people workforce that would offer massive opportunities to the area and nearby. 

Nuclear Science and Technology in the Modern Age

The global scientific community has tackled a lot about nuclear science on their ventures in the past, and the country is not shy with its ventures on the highly sophisticated tech of nuclear technology. In France, a massive 2,300 workforce has started working on the largest nuclear fusion experiment for the venture known as “ITER.”

The 2035 project of NASA has also interest in nuclear technology, particularly as it aims to develop a rocket that would have the properties of a nuclear device to power its way towards different planets. The first destination of NASA’s nuclear rocket project would be on Mars, a focus of the company that is under works from its researchers and scientists. 

The TerraPower project that is backed by the US Energy Department remains unknown if it would help ventures like NASA, and other local focuses that aim to use nuclear power for its technology. The science behind nuclear rockets and fusions is not exactly figured out by scientists but is not a mystery to them as well. 

For now, the world is at an early stage in nuclear science, something that requires more study for better use and application. 

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