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Technology Trends For 2021-2025 That You Should Be Aware Of

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

Technology evolves. That’s the long and short of the industry as a whole. And right now, we’re in an age of tech where everything seems to move even faster than it used to. 

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For the next four years, here are the technology trends you can expect to take over, as per a list by 

Autonomous Shopping Checkouts Are On The Way 

Big-name retailers such as Amazon introduced a brand-new way to shop for groceries which basically says, “just walk out” with their Amazon Go service. 

In other words, the retailer uses a combination of technologies such as AI, sensors, and cameras to allow people to walk into a grocery store, pick up the items they need, and just walk out of the store with the payment happening in the background, writes Pocket-Lint. 

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Customers want more autonomous checkout technology, and retailers see it as attractive because of the incredibly low overhead: $50 billion in savings each year for not needing to hire human cashiers anymore, according to LoupFunds.  

Tech Will Be Increasingly Used To Diagnose And Treat Illnesses 

The use of technology is projected to be even more pronounced when it comes to diagnosing or treating a wide range of illnesses, and this is already happening right now. 

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Artificial intelligence is, once again, at the forefront. Many healthcare institutions have been using AI to detect diseases such as Alzheimer’s early and with astounding accuracy. 

Furthermore, the use of telehealth services is also becoming even more widespread due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s still not as safe for people to come to hospitals these days for fear of getting the coronavirus, so physicians are giving medical advice to folks stuck at home. 

Healthcare professionals are even able to conduct medical research with telehealth. 

As such, healthcare technology is one of the fastest-growing tech trends today, with growth rates between 1000% to an astronomical 4000% bridging March and April 2020 alone, reports ManagedHealthcareExecutive. 

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The Video Game Industry Will Keep Growing 

Global spending on video games has increased because of, once again, the pandemic. Folks are stuck at home with nothing else to do after also working at home. Netflix binging can only do so much, it seems. 

To help with the massive increase in demand for new games, game engines are either being refined or introduced for the new generation. Among these is Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, which is slated to be the framework for a lot of games on the current-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, as well as PCs. 

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These new game engines are introducing even more advancements in 3D rendering technology such as ray tracing, all in an effort to make game visuals as close to photorealism as possible. 

Food Waste Can Be Reduced By Using Tech 

In the US alone, all of the food that’s never eaten costs the entire country an insane $218 billion every year, according to 

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As such, numerous startups are employing technology such as artificial intelligence to help with this problem. AI is currently aiding farmers in caring for their crops, and restaurateurs are collecting critical data on food waste with it. 

Lastly, tech is also being employed by companies like Goodr, an Atlanta-based venture which uses blockchain technology to track food surplus and make sure it goes to people who really need it. 

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