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Teach to One Provides Dynamic Tailored Acceleration to Help Improve Student Success

(Photo : Teach to One Provides Dynamic Tailored Acceleration to Help Improve Student Success)

Teach to One is an innovative, educational platform designed to ensure students are learning the right math lesson, at the right time, and in the right way to meet their individual needs. The Teach to One solutions were developed by New Classrooms Innovation Partners, an independent, national nonprofit on a mission to help close the gaps of unfinished learning with a personalized curriculum. 

New Classrooms co-founders, Joel Rose and Chris Rush recently hosted a webinar to discuss how Teach to One Roadmaps introduces tailored acceleration to improve student success while Teach to One 360 also applies various learning modalities to help math students achieve mastery in core math concepts to become college- and career-ready. 

The Major Impact of Learning Loss

“One-third of students enter the fifth grade two or more grade levels behind.” This is the statement Joel Rose, co-founder of New Classrooms leads with in a recent webinar highlighting the organization’s innovative learning approach. He goes on to explain how school closures in early March exacerbated the issue as students, parents, and teachers attempted to navigate the new territory of remote learning. 

In 2019, New Classrooms published a white paper titled, The Iceberg Problem in which they explain that the current approach to math only works for about two out of every five students. The paper discusses that math is a cumulative subject, and if a student falls behind early on, they will have a tough time understanding future math concepts and skills. 

Meeting Students Where They Are

Teach to One  provides transformative solutions to addressing these skills gaps. Teach to One provides tailored acceleration, a road map designed specifically for each student to follow, getting all learners back onto grade level proficiency. It is a resource that students, teachers, and parents can use to bring students up to grade level and beyond. 

With Teach to One, individual learning styles are considered in preparing students for mastery with a mix of pre-grade, on-grade, and post-grade skills. With tailored acceleration, students can graduate knowing they have the skills needed to be successful in college and career. 

During the webinar, Chris Rush shares that the goal of Teach to One is to provide solutions that help build roadmaps to success through tailored acceleration for all math students, especially during the uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In response to COVID-19 and remote learning, New Classrooms developed new tools accessible to all schools and students for the 2020-2021 school year. These tools include diagnostic assessments that provide a detailed overview of where students are at, and an academic roadmap, detailing a yearlong path for students to achieve success. 

“It is important for teachers, students, and parents to understand what each individual student knows and doesn’t know,” said Rush. He goes on to say within each assessment, each student is provided a dashboard with summary status of skill proficiency in each grade level up through high school Algebra. The offerings even include tools for parents to take quick refresher courses to help their students learn.

The webinar brings home the message that and Teach to One believe success happens when you meet students where they are, be it instructionally or geographically. Teach to One provides schools with a multimodal, comprehensive, and adaptive program that enables teachers to provide tailored acceleration for each student in both an in-person and remote environment. 

“Whether there is more time spent in school, or less time spent in school, students should be able to engage in learning and move forward without interruption,” explains Rush. New Classrooms is providing flexibility in a completely unpredictable world.

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