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T-Mobile Delays Sprint 3G Network Shut Down For Three Months to Give Customers Time to Switch

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T-Mobile stated that it would delay the shutdown of Sprint’s 3G network by at least three months to ensure that its partners have enough time to help customers transition to a new network.

T-Mobile had originally planned to shut down the 3G network back in January, and now the company will shut it down on March 31, 2022.

T-Mobile to Delay Shut Down of 3G

A company’s statement said that some of their partners have not followed through on their part in helping their customers through the change. Now, they are stepping up on their behalf, according to The Verge. 

The company’s statement does not mention the partner by name, but the public assumed it refers to Dish Network.

The two companies have tangled over T-Mobile’s announcement it was shutting down Sprit’s 3G network because of the impact that it would have on Dish’s Boost Mobile consumers.

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One of the conditions of T-Mobile and Spring Merger is that Dish acquires Boost Mobile. The acquisition happened in July 2020, with Dish taking Sprint’s place as the fourth wireless carrier in the United States.

After T-Mobile announced that it planned to shut down the CDMA network of Sprint, Dish chairman Charlie Ergen compared T-Mobile to the Grinch and later stated that the company was making every effort to migrate its customers.

However, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert wrote in a blog post that Dish was dragging its feet to upgrade its consumers to the 4G and 5G networks.

The Department of Justice told Dish Network and T-Mobile in a letter that was sent in July that it had concerns about the shutdown of the Sprint 3G network.

The department urged both companies to take all of the much needed steps to reduce the impact on customers who rely on the network, according to CNET. 

Pay Off to Users Who Will Switch

T-Mobile is also offering to pay those who will switch to their service. The company is willing to give $1,000, but it will be limited to five devices.

According to SlashGear, T-Mobile will be paying existing smartphones as long as users do not owe more than $1,000 on their current network contract.

The promo works by the company dishing off the payoff funds on the user’s prepaid MasterCard. It was launched on Oct. 22 and had simple requirements.

The requirements include users bringing their smartphones to a T-Mobile retail store together with an image of the last phone bill.

The company will pay off the device up to $1,000 per smartphone with a limit of five devices, and T-Mobile is pushing for the 5G network.

Users do not need a 5G smartphone to take advantage of the promotion. The company detailed the steps that users have to take in order to avail of the promo.

The steps include ordering a SIM card and signing up for a new plan. The phone number is then ported to the user’s new account. Users will then need to submit a rebate to get the payoff funds.

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