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'Stardew Valley' Developer Introduces Spooky New Game 'Haunted Chocolatier'

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Haunted Chocolatier website) ‘Stardew Valley’ Developer Introduces Spooky New Game ‘Haunted Chocolatier’

“Stardew Valley” developer Eric Barone has now officially announced another brand new game that is going to be called “Haunted Chocolatier.” The announcement of the upcoming game was complete with everything from its own gameplay trailer to its own blog post.

‘Harvest Moon’ and ‘Stardew Valley’

The “Harvest Moon” esque game that took the world by storm as an indie game that provided a lot of new opportunities that “Harvest Moon” might have lacked could raise expectations for the new “Haunted Chocolatier” game. The game still comes in the “Stardew Valley” style with a lot of similarities.

One thing that the new game definitely looks like, however, is that it could be a bit scarier and maybe a bit more adventurous. As of the moment, fans have to really play the game in order to know what’s the score and if “Haunted Chocolatier” will be a good game or not.

‘Stardew Valley’ and ‘Haunted Chocolatier’

According to the story by CNet, the game seemingly echoes the aesthetic and vibes of the much celebrated “Stardew Valley” and is not really a spiritual successor but still does retain a lot of similarities. Both games are reportedly sims but while “Stardew” is more focused on farming and also the character’s town relationships, “Haunted Chocolatier” takes a different approach.

As the name suggests, “Haunted Chocolatier” looks like a shop sim which features a haunted chocolate shop along with multiple ghosts. As per the official announcement blog post, Barone, also known online popularly as Concerned Ape, gave a statement about the game.

How is ‘Haunted Chocolatier’ Different from ‘Stardew Valley’

It was noted that in “Stardew Valley” the whole focus was reportedly a more humble type approach. This includes growing food, living off the land, and connecting to both the people and nature itself around the character. One fun thing to do in “Stardew Valley” is collecting rare animals. Here’s how to build a coop and get blue chickens in “Stardew Valley.”

Barone notes that his next game will explore other more fantastical possibilities and potentially experiment beyond the ordinary. The announcement was quite a surprise since most of Barone’s focus over the last decade was on Stardew Valley while providing free updates.

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The game is also yet to see an official release date. Judging from Barone’s comments, however, it was noted that this will most likely not be anytime soon. He noted that while the whole video he put together could look like the game is currently in an advanced stage of development, it was noted that there is still a lot to do. There has even been an esports cup in “Stardew Valley” with a prize pool of $40,000!

It was also noted that the way he works, things often do not come together yet until the final months. “Haunted Chocolatier” is currently confirmed for a PC release in the future when the time comes. This is with a view to eventually being ported to some other major platforms.

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