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'Star Ocean: The Divine Force' to Release in 2022

“Star Ocean,” an action role-playing video game series, is set to release a new game in 2022. The new game has been named “Star Ocean: The Divine Force.” 

The video game franchise is actually celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The first game in the series, simply named “Star Ocean,” was released in 1996. The last game released under the franchise is “Star Ocean: Anamnesis.” 

Additional details have been released about the upcoming “Star Ocean,” including the names of the characters, game features, and the consoles it will be playable on. One of the main features of the game is that the story changes depending on the choices made by the player. 

‘Star Ocean: The Divine Force’ 2022 Release

(Photo : Screenshot taken from the PlayStation Blog)

“Star Ocean: The Divine Force,” the latest addition to the video game series owned by Square Enix, will be released in 2022. 

Square Enix is a video game company known for “Final Fantasy,” its best-selling franchise, “Dragon Quest,” and many other titles.

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According to the announcement posted on the PlayStation blog, “This year marks the 25th anniversary of the series and its latest mainline title – ‘Star Ocean: The Divine Force’ – has been announced.”

The upcoming game, which will incorporate both fantasy and science fiction elements, is currently being developed by Square Enix and tri-Ace. tri-Ace has worked on previous “Star Ocean” games such as 2016’s “Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithfulness.” 

According to a report by IGN, the game will be playable on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam. 

The first game in the franchise was released in 1996. The series currently has five mainline games, one mobile game, and one spinoff game, according to the PlayStation announcement. 

What Players Can Expect

The announcement of “Star Ocean: The Divine Force” gives gamers and fans an idea of what to expect with the upcoming game. 

“The game features a story that blends sci-fi and fantasy, a rich lineup of characters and side stories, a battle system delivering exhilarating combat with easy controls, and more,” according to the announcement. 

One important feature of the upcoming “Star Ocean” game is that the story changes depending on the choices of the player. Players can also freely fly around the environment and move around 360 degrees. 

‘Star Ocean: The Divine Force’ Characters

The announcement of “Star Ocean: The Divine Force” has also introduced gamers and longtime fans of the franchise to the characters of the game. These characters are:

  • Raymond – The captain of a merchant vessel owned by a company run by his family. He is from a planet called Verguld. 

  • Laeticia – The princess of the Kingdom of Aurelius who sets off on a secret journey. 

  • Elena – Raymond’s first mate on the merchant vessel

  • Albaird – Laeticia’s childhood friend and a knight of the Kingdom of Aurelius. 

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