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SpaceX’s Starlink Now Serves Over 400,000 Customers

The business is likewise hinting that more ‘next-generation’ user terminals are on the horizon.

SpaceX’s satellite web service Starlink is now serving over 400,000 customers internationally.

The business pointed out the brand-new customer count in a Monday FCC filing(Opens in a brand-new window). The number suggests Starlink is growing at a quick rate from a simple 2 months back, when the business reported(Opens in a brand-new window) it had 250,000 customers.  

FCC slide

(Image: FCC)

SpaceX didn’t break down the 400,000 customer count number. However it’s been providing countless Starlink meals to war-torn Ukraine in an effort to keep the nation online, and has actually been progressively presenting Starlink access to 32 nations, consisting of numerous throughout Europe.

The FCC filing goes on to keep in mind that SpaceX “will connect even more people and places with its next-generation user terminals.” This might imply SpaceX is currently dealing with a third-generation Starlink meal for domestic customers. 

The filing was made after SpaceX held a conference with the FCC last Thursday about utilizing the 12GHz band “for providing next-generation satellite services to Americans,” consisting of providing Starlink on moving automobiles. 

“SpaceX is poised to drive even greater value to American consumers and businesses through its earth stations in motion, which require 12GHz capacity to connect aircraft, ships, and vehicles to high-speed, low-latency broadband connectivity in the United States and abroad,” SpaceX Satellite Policy Director Brett Tarnutzer composed in the filing. 

Nevertheless, SpaceX is opposed to Meal Network utilizing the very same 12GHz band for 5G cellular functions in what’s ended up being a continuous regulative spat in between the 2 business. “The studies in the record universally demonstrate that 5G mobile service in the 12GHz band will cause harmful interference to consumers of next-generation satellite service—the only question how massive the harm will be,” Tarnutzer declared.

In the meantime, SpaceX on Monday released a brand-new Starlink recreational vehicle service, which is developed for customers who’d like to access the satellite web service throughout trip or while outdoor camping. The brand-new offering likewise has no waitlist.

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