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SpaceX to Use Starship Rockets to Build Mars Base Alpha; Uncrewed Flights Before Sending Humans

SpaceX’s Starship will play a massive role in the venture of the company, especially as the rocket ships will be used to build the structures of Mars Base Alpha, using its stainless steel components. The reusable rocket would be reused again and it is because the company is known for its sustainability with regards to its ventures. 

SpaceX Starship to Build Mars Base Alpha

(Photo : Elon Musk via Twitter @elonmusk)

Elon Musk has recently talked as a guest resource for the National Academies’ recently concluded event that highly talked about the SpaceX Starship program, the latest venture of the company. Here, the CEO has discussed the joint venture with NASA and other space agencies concerning the coming mission that would be fulfilled by the company. 

SpaceX will use Starship rockets to build Mars Base Alpha, and this is because Mars still lacks the presence of different components that can be used to create the said space station on the planet. The venture would focus on bringing raw materials in the Starship as well, but its massive reusable rocket body would be one of the main components the base would have. 

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Maximize Resources as Much as Possible

SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Co., and more are known for being sustainable and eco-friendly, with Elon Musk showing his idea with regards to the future of the world and its finite resources. The company would maximize the use of the rockets that flew towards the Red Planet, and it would also benefit them as a cost-effective material to be used for the base. 

SpaceX is also said to have 2 to 3 uncrewed flights before sending in the troops responsible for Mars.

SpaceX Starship and its Mission

SpaceX Starship is a “THE” rocket that is intended for Mars, and it would soon be doing the test flights that would either go for the earliest or have it by February in the upcoming year. Musk has thanked all the efforts of the regulatory committee and other parties involved with regards to the review of SpaceX’s Starship license to test it for flights and its capabilities. 

The mission of Starship is to get humans to Mars and to establish a colony there named the Mars Base Alpha, the proprietary name by SpaceX for the place on the Red Planet that would harbor life. SpaceX and its CEO have highly talked about the possibility of a mission to Mars, something that has been the plan of the company for a long time now. 

Nevertheless, SpaceX is gradually getting there, and it does not need to rush the process as it would be a crucial flight and venture for the company. The space agency exhibits a great deal of innovation, focusing on its products that surpass the many rockets out there for its reusable system, something that completes the full circle when Mars Base Alpha will have a reusable rocket for its creation. 

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