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SpaceX Starship To Soon Enable Quantum Leap in Deep Space, Planetary Science Says Elon Musk; How?

SpaceX Starship is soon going to extend a feature that is never seen before, and that is with a possibility of a “Quantum Leap” that was teased by none other than its founder and CEO, Elon Musk. The billionaire regarded that the Starship will soon bring an informed form of its spacecraft that is capable of deep space and planetary science.

SpaceX Starship is Going Quantum Says Elon Musk

(Photo : Elon Musk via Twitter)

An article by Ars Technica has stirred up the conversation that caught Musk’s attention, with the CEO saying a lot about the future projects of SpaceX and the Starship, as well as its focus on going “quantum.” The massive potential of Starship is now being recognized by planetary scientists, but it seems that not everything is known to the public yet, with regards to its development.

It is important to note that the Starship has not yet made a flight outside the planet, and this means that it has yet to show its true potential to the public, as the spacecraft is intended for a long haul. The Stainless Steel spacecraft is made for going into deep space and interplanetary missions, with Mars being its center of focus.

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Starship Quantum Leap: Deep Space and Planetary Science

According to the SpaceX CEO, the Starship would enable a “quantum leap” in deep space and planetary science, and this phrase could not be as vague as his other teases of the Starship and other products of his companies. As usual, Musk did not divulge any information about what the Starship can do, especially with regards to quantum science and its development within SpaceX.

Starship will enable a quantum leap in deep space & planetary science

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 1, 2021

Elon Musk, SpaceX, Starship and its Mars Mission

SpaceX’s Starship has a lot of uses now, and the company aims for it to be improved in the sense that it would more than just be a vessel that the company would use when going to Mars and other planets. The space company is counting on its “reusability” feature and capability to use the spacecraft as the materials for the Mars Base Alpha that would soon be constructed.

The arrival of SpaceX on Mars will be within the decade, as promised by Musk, claiming that the mission towards the next planet would soon come, having it before the decade ends. With that, SpaceX is already planning for the test run of the Starship in the coming year, as soon as it gets approved for its environmental licensing from those that evaluated it.

SpaceX and the Starship going quantum may be an idea heard of in Marvel movies only or other sci-fi films, but it is something that the world would soon come to, especially as it improves its technology. The innovations and advancements made with the Starship and other spacecraft focus on going big but are not necessarily known to the public yet, with the CEO updating the public.

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