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SpaceX Starship License Dec 31: Elon Musk Appreciates Work of Regulatory Bodies; Who Are They? FAA and MORE

SpaceX’s Starship license to fly and test its capabilities was said to be finishing its assessment by December 31, and these regulatory bodies would either grant or bar them from doing its flights. Nevertheless, Elon Musk appreciates the work that is being put in by these agencies that are local to the state, considering the time and effort which they are doing.

Elon Musk Appreciates the Work of the Regulatory Committees

The SpaceX CEO has spoken up on Twitter, and it is about the regulatory bodies that are currently investigating the different aspects that need looking into regarding the tests of the Starship. The process is indeed lengthy and has already taken a lot of time before finalizing and giving the license to the space company.

Musk has said that he appreciates the effort of these governing bodies and that he has felt the support of the different state and local county’s support regarding the Starship venture. Of course, the public is included here and not forgotten as they are also a massive reference to this specific case and licensing.

The committee in charge here includes the FAA, US Fish and Wildlife, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and the local Cameron County, and Brownsville South Padre.

The hard work by FAA, US Fish & Wildlife and Texas Parks & Wildlife is much appreciated, as well as the strong local support from Cameron County and Brownsville / South Padre!

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 15, 2021

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SpaceX Starship License: Finalizing by December 31

SpaceX’s Starship License permit would be finalized before 2021 ends and it would be a buzzer-beater that would have its answer by December 31. It currently sits at a 50-50 situation as it could either be turned down or approved by the FAA, and it would be due to the environmental reasons of the state.

SpaceX Starship License

SpaceX’s venture for the Starship awaits the license of the company from the regulatory bodies, focusing more on its environmental assessment and overall impact on the ecosystem that it would be affecting. There were a lot of mixed feelings with regards to the perception and opinion of the public in the approval of the Starship license in the past months.

That being said, SpaceX has not let the time go to waste as the company has tested out different aspects of the Starship mission by focusing more on testing the Mechazilla’s chopstick catching arms and more. The company had made it so that when it got its licenses, it would immediately be focusing on the tests it needed to do so that the spacecraft would be ready.

It is known that SpaceX is putting a lot on the line for its mission to Mars, especially as it put everything it has on the stainless steel spacecraft of Starship and Super Heavy Booster rocket combined. The spacecraft would also be a game-changer, especially as it would be one of the first rockets that can bring humans to Mars, as well as cargo.

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