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SpaceX Starship Can Do 1,000x More Payload Compared to Rockets Now; Q3 Performance at 41,000

SpaceX’s Starship can deliver 1,000 times more payload compared to all rockets in the world, says CEO and Founder Elon Musk; even rockets from the company. Currently, the company has 41,000 tons to orbit in the third quarter of the year, and it is inferior to China’s record-breaking 45,000 tons.

However, the year is not yet over, and Musk teases its plans for Q4.

SpaceX Starship Payload: 1,000 Times More

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The SpaceX CEO has yet again explained to the world, particularly to the users on Twitter, that the Starship has better capabilities compared to other rockets present today. He regarded that the Stainless Steel spacecraft of the Starship can do 1,000 times more than other rockets on Earth, and that exaggeration is a massive claim for the spacecraft.

The Starship remains untested regarding this, and this is because the FAA is still in the process of evaluating the company for its license to test the spacecraft for higher altitudes. It was known that earlier this year, Musk and SpaceX had tested the launch and landing capabilities of the rocket.

The next venture of the company is with it atop the full stack of the Super Heavy rocket.

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The Starship fleet is designed to achieve over 1000 times more payload to orbit than all other rockets on Earth combined.

Almost no one understands this.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 8, 2021

China vs. SpaceX: Payload to Orbit Q3

On the same thread, data has shown that China has surpassed SpaceX this Q3 of the year with regards to tons to orbit. China has done 45,000 tons worth of payload to orbit, while SpaceX has only done 32,000. However, it was 41,000 tons to orbit, as clarified by Elon Musk in a separate tweet. Musk regarded that China’s payload for the said quarter is impressive, but SpaceX is aiming for more in the coming last quarter of the year, having 80,000 tons for the remaining months.

Actually, 41 tons for SpaceX in Q3 & aiming for 80 tons in Q4. That said, China launch mass to orbit is extremely impressive.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 8, 2021

SpaceX Payload in the Future

SpaceX’s Starship has one of the top payloads to orbit capacity on the spacecraft compared to other rockets present on Earth, and that does not include human passengers yet. Musk initially said that it could carry as much as 150 tons for fully reusable, and 250 tons as an expandable aircraft or a one-time use only, depending on their deal with clients.

Comparing that to another of SpaceX’s high-capacity rockets, the Falcon Heavy can only carry up to 70 tons to the low-Earth orbit. The Falcon Heavy is the higher-capacity version of the popular rocket variant in SpaceX’s lineup, the Falcon. Comparing that to the Starship, it is higher in terms of numbers but is not yet tested due to the FAA’s licensing wait.

That being said, SpaceX alone can bring a lot of tons to orbit in the coming years, especially if it has approved its Starship project and has it operational for the expense of companies. Moreover, at their own expense, its focus on Mars would have the Starship in their arsenal, bringing the necessary equipment to build the space station it aspires for.

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