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SpaceX Crew-3 Mission: Falcon and Dragon Are Already Vertical in Launch Complex 39A—How to Watch Mission?

SpaceX’s Crew-3 Mission that involves the Dragon above the Falcon rocket is already vertical on NASA’s Launch Complex 39A in Kennedy Space Center, signifying its readiness for its Halloween launch. As of this moment, the mission is a go, and people are awaiting the new crew to go up the skies and join the astronauts currently in the space station.

SpaceX Crew-3 Mission is Ready with the Falcon and Dragon

Falcon 9 and Dragon vertical on Launch Complex 39A

— SpaceX (@SpaceX) October 27, 2021


In the recent tweet of SpaceX, the Falcon and Dragon spacecraft are already stacked and are vertical on NASA’s launch complex 39A (LC-39A), and it shows that it is ready for its flight. Now, it awaits the passengers who would board the spacecraft, with the mission that would happen late in the night.

Currently, the mission is at a go for launch, and no external or internal factors are hindering its flight. The weather is good and is ready for take-off.

How to Watch

The public can watch the mission via RSVP on NASA’s Facebook page for insider access and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from NASA. It would also be available via Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube.

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NASA’s Crew-3 Mission with SpaceX

The launch is set for a “green light” on Sunday, October 31, at 2:21 AM Eastern Daylight Time (11 PM PST), says NASA, but the program for everyone to watch would start by 10 PM for the public to watch. Several behind-the-scenes and mission preparation is produced by NASA for the public to see and partake in this event.

NASA’s Crew-3 Mission with SpaceX is aboard the Crew Dragon capsule that is dubbed as the “Endurance.”

SpaceX and NASA Missions

SpaceX is a massive company now in the name of space travel and missions with different private companies and space agencies in the world. One of its most popular partnerships is none other than the American space agency of NASA, where SpaceX is also based on. Their Crew-3 Dragon mission will bring the passengers to the Space Station and deliver some cargo.

The classic combination of the Dragon spacecraft and the Falcon rocket would don the skies again this October 31, and it would be to focus on bringing astronauts safely to the ISS. This follows the last crewed mission of SpaceX known as the Inspiration4 that tested several aspects of spaceflight, as well as featured an all-civilian crew that has earned their wings.

That being said, bringing humans to orbit is not a big deal for SpaceX, and it has proved its effectiveness and safety concerning flights and missions using its reusable spacecraft. Musk and the team have more to offer NASA, especially with future missions, and if ever the Starship gets its license to test its capabilities.

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