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SpaceX Crew-3 Dragon: How to Watch Launch for Nov. 10—Weather is 80% Favorable for Mission

SpaceX’s Crew-3 Dragon with the nickname “Endurance” is scheduled for a launch this coming Wednesday, November 10, and it would finally be the schedule after four delays on their mission. There have been numerous hindrances to the mission of these astronauts, and it has awaited the return of Crew-2, the previous Commercial Crew up in the ISS.

SpaceX Crew-3 Dragon: How to Watch Nov. 10 Launch

(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Twitter account of the International Space Station)

Everyone is invited by SpaceX to watch the launch of the Crew-3 Endurance this coming Wednesday, November 10, via a live stream that the company has set up from the Launch Complex 39A in Kennedy Space Center. The launch window would be at 9:03 PM, Eastern Time, but the live stream would be available four hours before, so at around 5 PM. 

SpaceX is aiming for this mission to be the last reschedule of the space agency, as the entire mission has experienced a total of four delays and it consisted of different reasons for it. Nevertheless, SpaceX and Crew-3 will make up for the lost time, particularly with its mission to happen in the International Space Station. 

The Endurance or Crew-3 Dragon would be the fifth SpaceX manned mission to launch since last May 2020. 

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SpaceX Crew-3 Dragon: Weather Favorable for Mission

The weather is favorable for SpaceX, and experts see it with 80 percent of good predictions that would go alongside the launch. The mission awaits, but several factors have already changed the course of its mission, delaying it more than a week later.

(Photo : SpaceX via Twitter)

SpaceX Crew-3: How to Watch Launch for Nov. 10; Is it Finally Happening?

SpaceX Crew-3 and its Multiple Delays

The first delay of Crew-3 took place last October 31, particularly as the space crew was scheduled to go on its mission during Halloween. The delay’s initial reason was due to the inclement weather conditions during that time on its launch complex in Florida. Nevertheless, it was rescheduled for Wednesday, November 3, right after the delay. 

However, when it was nearing Wednesday, an astronaut from the crew had health problems which then again had to postpone the flight of the crew. The team and SpaceX remained hush about this, but it was regarded as a minor occurrence only and not the COVID-19 infection for any of the crew members as they remain in quarantine. 

Another delay was seen from November 3 to November 6, Saturday, which focused on poor weather conditions again, then focusing on November 8, Monday. However, that was short-lived as NASA and SpaceX decided it would be final on the coming Wednesday, having favorable weather and all health are in check. 

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