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Sony Patents PS5 Faceplates | More Color Options Arriving?

Sony patented PS5 faceplates in the United States Trademark Office, which was granted on Nov. 16. As such, some spectators of the sought-after gaming console are further speculating that more custom-made options sporting varying color options are in the works.

(Photo : Charles Sims from Unsplash)

Sony patents PS5 or PlayStation 5’s faceplates, which leads others to speculate that the Japanese giant is releasing more custom-made color options.

Sony Patents PS5 Faceplates

As per the report by IGN, the Japanese tech giant behind the PlayStation gaming console, Sony Interactive Entertainment, filed the patent way back on Nov. 5, 2020.

However, the patent entitled “Cover For Electric Device” was only approved by the United States Trademark Office after more than a year.

Although the US Design Patent that Sony filed only referred to the PS5 as an “electronic device,” its photos clearly show that it is, indeed, the faceplate cover of the said gaming console.

To be precise, Kotaku noted in its news story that the patent flaunted the signature front plates found in the PS5 in a total of 11 design sketches, showing it off in numerous angles from left to right and bottom to top.

PS5 Faceplates

It is worth noting that Sony released the latest iteration of PlayStation, featuring a design that includes two protective plates that only sported the white matter color.

Due to the white color of the faceplate of the PS5, the majority of the body of the gaming console is filled with the said hue. It is in contrast to the black design of the console sandwiched between the two protective coverings.

On top of that, the matte white design of the PS5 is also contrary to the matte black look of its predecessor, the PS4. What’s more, even the default controllers of the latest PlayStation sports the same white color.

(Photo : by ATTA KENARE/AFP via Getty Images)

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However, unlike the controller, which could easily be replaced with another official design color coming from Sony.

The PS5 maker has yet to release an official custom-made option for the faceplates of the gaming console.

In fact, even with the latest patent approval of Sony, the Japanese firm has not made any official announcements regarding its plans for the faceplates of the PS5.

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Sony Threatens PS5 Faceplate Makers

That said, previously, some third-party makers have already hinted at offering more color and design options for the faceplates of the PS5.

However, Sony responded to these companies with a threat of legal action if they continued to sell third-party faceplates for its gaming console.

It is to note that the PS5 maker has already done this in two instances involving two separate firms.

That said, the firm, Customize My Plates, went on to reveal that it is canceling its plans to release its custom-ready faceplates amid the threat coming from Sony.

Meanwhile, a Canadian-based company also announced the same route, pulling out its PS5 plates, after Sony’s legal action.

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