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Sony Invests in Kiswe Video Startup Bringing Total Raised to $46 Million Since 2013 | Scaling to Meet Cloud-Based Interactive Video Solutions Demand

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Sony Invests in Kiswe Video Startup Bringing Total Raised to $46 Million Since 2013 | Scaling to Meet Cloud-Based Interactive Video Solutions Demand

Sony has just recently made an investment in Kiswe, a video startup company. While the whole amount was not yet disclosed, Kiswe has currently raised a whopping $46 million ever since its own inception in 2013.

Sony Innovation Fund Investing in Kiswe

According to VentureBeat, the popular Sony Innovation Fund has reportedly invested in Kiswe, a New Jersey-based company. This would allow the company to scale in order to meet the total demand for its own cloud-based interactive video solutions. This is for both content creators and rights holders.

Other investors in Kiswe include Ted Leonis, the known founder and CEO of Monumental Sports and Entertainment or MSE, Revolution’s Rise of the Rest; Hybe Corp., the owner and manager of the well known K-Pop boy band BTS, and New Enterprise Associates or NEA. It was stated that the company will be using its money in order to expand its whole sales effort for it’s Kiswe Cloud Video Engine for certain content rights holders worldwide who reportedly aim to deliver interactive video experiences for their own consumers. This includes building their own audience data for marketing as well as learning.

Kiswe CEO Gives Statement

Mike Schabel, CEO of Kiswe, gave a statement. It was noted that they are thrilled that the Sony Innovation Fund by IGV actually recognizes and backs their vision. It was noted that at-home consumers have actually made permanent changes towards online behavior, from consuming certain video content to shopping.

It was stated that the investment is a very strong endorsement for Kiswe as the global leader when it comes to interactive video solutions. The home audience is reportedly huge, and is actually served today along with lean-back made-for-tv content that would assume a monolithic audience.

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Kiswe Cloud Video Engine

Kiswe noted that the actual audience encompasses quite a large spectrum of demographic interests. It was stated that they now want to participate and that they want to be recognized for their own fandomship and that they want to matter. Facebook has also just recently announced its change to Meta which has affected game concept tokens.

In total, Kiswe reportedly helps rights holders be able to monetize their own content directly with consumers. This would help consumers feel like a true part of the said event and would create untold opportunities for advertising as well as data insights. T-Mobile is now paying $1000 per smartphone for users that decide to switch providers.

The Kiswe Cloud Video Engine is known to be the only end-to-end SaaS solution for Video 2.0. This is where live video intentionally includes the actual live audience. Kiswe’s own turnkey solutions are reportedly sold to content rights holders as well as creators in order to help them cost-effectively be able to create and deliver content as well as engage audiences all around the world and even at scale.

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